Analysis of belt tearing protection of underground belt conveyor

1. Main causes of belt tearing accidents of underground coal mine belt conveyor

1.1 There are faults in the operation of protection device of belt conveyor

From the current belt conveyor tearing problems, it is directly related to the abnormal operation of the protection device. Belt conveyor in the process of operation, there are chain, smoke, deviation, longitudinal tearing and other types of protection. Among all the protection devices, the most important protection for belt conveyor belt tearing is tension protection and longitudinal tearing protection. The function of longitudinal tearing protection is to prevent longitudinal tearing of belt conveyor belt. If the belt conveyor is stuck in the process of work and can not be timely and effectively cast off or the belt is torn, the sensor will respond and the belt conveyor will stop working. Tension protection is mainly in the process of working under the belt conveyor, the belt conveyor belt tension is lower than or more than the limit value, the belt conveyor will stop. If the tension of belt conveyor is relatively large, it is easy to break the belt. Other protective measures also play a certain protective role in reducing the belt tearing fault of the belt conveyor. These protection devices in the process of work, need to take the sensor as the key protection device. But from the point of the usage of these sensors, longer duration of use, especially under the influence of the underground work environment, may have a water sensor problem, also may appear aging line, CPU running malfunction problems, these problems and failure is very likely to lead to can’t normal protection device, or appear the problem not flexible enough, With the reduction of protection, the probability of belt conveyor tearing will increase.

1.2 The daily inspection and maintenance work of belt conveyor is not in place

In order to improve the working efficiency of the belt conveyor and reduce the impact of the belt tearing accident on the normal work of the belt conveyor, it is very important to comprehensively enhance the daily inspection and maintenance of the belt conveyor. But from the current point of view, due to the inspection and maintenance work is not in place caused by the belt conveyor tearing problem is more obvious. (1) At the management level, specific rules and standards, systems and mechanisms are not strictly implemented in place, and some technical personnel do not strictly implement relevant standards and provisions in the process of work, and the hidden dangers are not dealt with in place at the first time. (2) The lack of relevant supervision, such as the belt conveyor in the operation process to use the plate, bolt and other supervision is not in place, resulting in iron into the system, leading to the occurrence of belt tearing accidents. (3) Some maintenance personnel in the process of work more problems are not in place, in the belt conveyor along the inspection, the inspection is not serious, the regular need to check the equipment is not strictly in accordance with the provisions of the regular inspection; For the hidden quality problems found, there is a certain degree of fluke psychology, for example, the belt conveyor surface quality problems, belt conveyor joint quality problems, can not cause the inspectors to attach great importance to, leading to hidden trouble can not be dealt with in time, leading to the equipment “sick” operation.

2. Measures to strengthen belt tearing protection of underground coal mine belt conveyor

2.1 Choose the new belt conveyor belt anti-tearing device

When the belt conveyor is working, the material is transported to the position of the funnel, and then into the belt. In the process of falling, the impact force will decrease significantly through the buffer of the damper and funnel. In this process, by setting tension springs on the left and right of the buffer baffle, v-shaped leakage will be formed under the action of material gravity. The tension spring automatically adjusts the size of the leak as the amount of transport varies. Therefore, before entering the belt conveyor, the material will enter the belt conveyor through the effective buffer of the buffer baffle.

By installing the buffer baffle at the bottom of the funnel, a V-shaped mouth can be formed at the position of the funnel. The transported materials can be significantly buffered in the process of falling. The size of the V-mouth can be adjusted according to the spring tension, so as to meet the requirements of the transportation of materials of different output. In order to ensure that the material in the transportation process of sliding movement, technical personnel through the buffer baffle installation into a certain slope, on both sides of the 0.3m thickness of steel plate, strictly prevent the problem of material falling, improve the accuracy of material falling. In addition, the unit price of the related materials used by the equipment is relatively low, and the specifications on the market are relatively more. Different types of springs can be selected according to the transport of different types of materials by the belt conveyor.

2.2 Choose the tape tear protection device with high reliability

According to the problems of belt tearing in the process of using belt conveyor, it is very important to comprehensively strengthen the use effect of anti-tearing protection device. In the process of implementation, technicians can choose to use zS1-G inductive longitudinal detector. Belt conveyor in use process, the actual working status of adhesive tape to conduct a comprehensive inspection, once found to tear tape, can be set within a certain distance of the belt conveyor closing coil, the coil can be buried in advance to the conveyor belt, also can choose to use the position of the belt conveyor with buried, will be in good condition as the standard, analysis of the coil Prevent the occurrence of tearing tape problems. From the current use of ZS1-G induction longitudinal detector in the belt conveyor, the overall use is flexible and the position restriction is relatively small. When foreign bodies penetrate into any position of the belt conveyor, the anti-tearing function will not be affected. Therefore, the coal mine can choose to use ZS1-G inductive longitudinal detector, which can effectively prevent the belt conveyor from tearing.

2.3 Enhance belt conveyor inspection and maintenance

In order to better improve the work efficiency of belt conveyor, timely and effective repair of belt conveyor belt tearing problem, comprehensively strengthen the belt conveyor inspection and maintenance work is very important. In concrete implementation, technical personnel shall be a day the aging of the belt conveyor belt joint position if there is a problem, whether the wire rope in the cock, if there is a flash problems, whether belt surface scratches and other abnormal problems to conduct a comprehensive inspection, regular choose to use a special instrument for vulcanization joint belt conveyor and belt internal wire rope and so on to conduct a comprehensive inspection; Conduct comprehensive flaw detection for internal conditions, and timely take targeted measures to deal with problems such as hollow drum, broken wire and joint damage. At the same time, technical personnel should shorten the inspection period and improve the maintenance work for the previously repaired strip areas, which are the key positions. If there is aging problem in the mechanical joint position, it should be remade as required.

If the belt conveyor belt has been used for a very long time, the belt surface has also appeared obvious damage, the use effect is relatively poor, it should be replaced in time. Technical personnel should also carry out regular inspection of the drum shaft, especially the fastening situation should be comprehensively checked to see whether there is a loosening problem, the problem of lubrication should also be paid attention to, after the discovery of abnormalities, timely processing. For the post workers of the belt conveyor, can not only pay attention to the actual working conditions of the belt surface, but also to the various transfer points, the middle trough, the receiving point and so on. If the fixed fastness is poor, there are welding problems and other faults, should be dealt with in a timely manner. Before starting the machine, the belt conveyor needs to bring whether there are missing tools, for the emergence of large partial coal should also be timely processing. In the process of working, the belt conveyor should check whether there is a foreign country for the support rod in time, and focus on the analysis of whether the rotation is flexible. If there is a problem of abnormal sound, it should be replaced in time. If necessary, the coal mine should set up a full-time point inspector to carry out a comprehensive inspection of the vibration and temperature of the drum, and focus on the oil seal of the input shaft and output shaft. Attention should be paid to the temperature of the motor, and the iron remover should be in good condition. For the protective device used by the belt conveyor, technicians should test every day to ensure that the protective device is in a good working state, especially the sensitivity should meet the relevant requirements.

3 conclusion

In conclusion, with the further transformation and upgrading of coal mines, the overall output of coal mines will continue to increase, especially many coal mines have entered the stage of deep mining, and the transport pressure faced by belt conveyors continues to rise, increasing the probability of belt tearing. Therefore, in order to better play the transport role of belt conveyor, reduce the probability of belt tearing accident. Coal mining enterprises need to pay full attention to belt tearing accidents of belt conveyor, increase investment in technology, hardware and management, and better guarantee the working quality and efficiency of belt conveyor.

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