Starting a blog to make money seems like a cakewalk. But even deciding the type of blog to be created to make money is not a simple task. If you do not choose the right kind of blog, you will probably never earn money.

Certain niches of blogs can scale quickly and profit more than others, making money.

The most popular blog type that makes money has been listed here to start a profitable one and grow.

1) Fashion/ lifestyle/beauty

Every genre of people likes to surf through changing beauty and fashion trends. If you are a fashion enthusiast, you can choose this niche or various options for sub-niches (Like DIY fashion, fashion and lifestyle reviews, affordable fashion, eco-friendly fashion) in this category.

Fashion blogs can be monetized quickly if you start selling products, adding affiliate links, or becoming a fashion or lifestyle influencer on Instagram.

2) Finance

Money and its related matters have always attracted people. If you can guide people on saving or making money and paying off their debt, your blog will make money sooner than expected. It is an evergreen topic whose charm will never fade away. Ads and traffic on your blog will make money for you while you can take a back seat.

You can choose the finance blogs niche from the below-listed categories: –

  • Early Retirement
  • Passive income
  • Real estate investing
  • Side hustles
  • Crypto or blockchain
  • Saving tips

3) Food

Human existence is impossible without food. Therefore, food blogs have always attracted web traffic. If you are a self-proclaimed foodie, a professional chef, or a cook-to-learn type, you can start with the valuable content on food recipes, nutrients, diets, and many other categories on your blog.

If people loved to try your recipes, your blog would attract readers, which means money. Using affiliate links to monetize is a good practice.

4) Sports

Sports are a vital activity of the human relaxation and recreation regime. Ranging from online games to on-field sport, sports blogs can be around any category. Sports fans are always hungry to catch up with their favorite stars on the field.

Sports niche is very competitive, so you can also try to include health and fitness as the subcategory showcasing favorite or most searched sports stars fitness regime and more.

You can promote higher-priced affiliate products in this blog category.

5) Parenting

There are many dilemmas in the minds of would-be, new parents, and aged parents. It is not feasible to speak out or reach a counselor for every issue. In that case, parenting blogs are beneficial. This evergreen niche should provide quality information. If you keep pace with updated scenarios, your organic traffic will grow. This means money from the blog (you have seriously wanted this).

Welcoming advice, queries, and relatable stories from visitors make this blog more interactive. After your blog has audiences, try switching over to start a thriving YouTube channel that can double up your income from blogging.

6) Gaming

The Online Gaming industry is rapidly growing. The downloadable content and games on the Internet make gaming blogs immensely popular and monetized. Check through the celebrity facts and popular personality info here.

Gaming blogs are an excellent platform for gamers to share their reviews, cheat codes, content codes, and walk-throughs. It is easy to monetize gaming blogs through banner ads, affiliate marketing, and creating demand for streaming channels where more views mean even bigger money.

Start your blog with all your heart

With a passion for sharing and audiences to receive your perspective, monetizing from blogs of different niches is never impossible. Deploy a perfect content management system, and you will win for sure. You may check this post on how to create a blog.