Among Us Airship Release Date: Something new is starting to be added to Among us, and the excitement of the fans is unmatched. In the year 2020, Among us is the game that had captured the global gaming market like no one else. When all the people were in their houses, they used this game to pass the time.

This sudden outburst in people’s interest has made players count in the millions. Like any other successful organization, the creators of the game are ready to present something new and unique to their loyal fan. There is a new map that will be added to the game.

What is the launch date for the Among Us airship?

As of now, there are three maps available in the game for players to play. With the new year in, the creators have decided to reward loyal fans of this game with a new map. The name of the map is Airship, and not only is there a new map, but there are also other updates that are available alongside it. There are all the new tasks that players need to perform, new skins have been added to the game and many other updates that can keep players busy for a long time.

And what is more?

• A new map called Airship was added to the game

• The new map will be available from 2021

• Along with the new map, other updates have also been made to the game.

How can you get the launch date for the Airship Among Us?

The announcement of this map has been made in September 2020, and recently there was a shrink leak showing the new map, and that has created all kinds of rumors.

According to the websites, it has been said that players must have a Nintendo Switch to access this map as this map is not available to PC and mobile users. Within a certain period, this map will be available for all devices. and all players can have access to it.

What do people think about the airship Among Us release date?

The reaction of the players to this new announcement is one of excitement, as many of the players are getting bored of playing on the same three old maps and with the same demographics of the game, their excitement is soaring and they cannot wait to know the date. launch of this new map so that they can play with this new modification on their PC or mobile devices.


After seeing how popular Among us has become, this was the step to take as people get bored of the same old things if they play with them for a long time, they need updates at regular intervals. that this is an excellent move on the part of the creators of Among us, as this move will help them increase their number of players. Players unfamiliar with this move are advised to read the Among Us Airship release date reviews to better understand this step.