Amazon Business Smart Tips: How To “Steal” Customers From Your Competitor’s Facebook Page

Are you wondering about drawing customers from the competitor’s fan page for your Amazon business? If so, let’s read the article below!

Your competitor’s Facebook page is an excellent source for converting and redirecting customers to your Amazon business in a healthy way. This helps customize your business strategy based on what competitors are doing for a better return on investment. Also, you can probably save your time and effort researching or building the customer’s portrait or database.

However, not all Amazon sellers have intensive experience in approaching customers from competitors. Therefore, the article below will support you with concise and valuable information to follow.

So, without further hesitation, let’s explore three tips to draw the target from competitors’ fan pages on Facebook!

Side note: If you don’t have enough time to carry out all the research and execution plans, don’t hesitate to rely on a trustworthy Facebook ads agency for more professional advice.

Observe And Analysis Competitor’s Activity

It is ideal for researching and tracking a competitor’s Facebook page. Not only do you understand their strategic approach, but you also learn to customize your page and convert the same target better.

Competitor’s content and design, especially ads posts, for instance, are valuable references for your Amazon business. If their posts get more engagement, you might learn and adjust your post following the brand’s guidelines to draw more potential targets without further research. Indeed, you can provide better content or service compared to the competitors to attract more customers.

In addition, you probably take advantage of hashtags used by competitors to attract the same customers effectively. Generally, customers tend to research and find their desirable content via hashtags among numerous information on Facebook.

Also, Facebook follows these hashtags to deliver and reach the audiences with relevant content. Therefore, it is worth trying this way to get more customer engagement for your page. However, be mindful of selecting the proper hashtags and avoid overusing different hashtags. Otherwise, you might enlarge the target size and take more time and effort to keep track and control.

Utilize Facebook Ads Tactics

Another great way to target your audience is Facebook Ads. Apart from your current customer source, you might reach and retarget the competitor’s customers by reaching them indirectly. In this case, interest-based target and lookalike audience are two simple tactics recommended for your Amazon business. So, keep reading and dive into these terms.

Follow interest-based target

It’s no secret that you can set the ads manager with suitable interest labels if you can understand your target well. In contrast, going along with the interest-based competitor’s fan may be more effective.

After researching and defining the interest from your competitor’s audience, interest-based targeting will help you to share the same interest with competitors’ pages. Primarily, you approach the right potential audiences by filtering out the new audiences who are not your target customers.

Regarding the steps to conduct this tactic, it is straightforward to set up with simple steps. Firstly, access your Ads manager, then set up an ad with competitor interest in your prospecting campaign. Then, put in the name of competitors in the detailed targeting part to complete the interest-based target.

Besides, it is advisable to select one according to the label for optimizing the target size. Then, following that Prospecting campaign, you can track the total target because the Ads manager will demonstrate how many people engage via the interest data you put in.

Approach lookalike audience

Lookalike audiences are the audiences having the same traits of interest with the target you decide to approach. Therefore, there is no concern that lookalike audience tools are regarded as one of the most effective targeting ads to apply. Your simple task is to utilize the information of your target audiences, which can be acquired from the competitor’s fan page.

With this tactic, you create a new audience with a lookalike audience tag and fill in the essential information according to Facebook ads’ requirements. Some sections you should be careful to add for better results are location, time range, or website custom audience.

Besides, you can combine two tactics with creating and lookalike audiences for the potential reach. Following these tactics will upgrade your social media strategy and convert more customers for your Amazon business.

Using Chrome Extensions

If you have some significant competitors with stable engagement on facebook’s fan page, you can get their customer information via chrome extensions for your database pool if needed.

Firstly, research to find out the best performing posts of your customers. Some criteria to pick are a large number of engagements with share, like, and comment. Then, install the WebScrapBook extension on your Chrome user. As a result, you can get and download UIDs.

These user IDs provide you with several essential information such as email or phone numbers to build your customer’s database. However, one drawback of this tactic is getting the UIDs from the account with less privacy. Despite that, you can take a try at your Amazon business.

Having a good database supports you in various aspects of the progress of converting your potential. For instance, you can analyze the database and define more straightforward customer portraits for Facebook ads. Furthermore, other marketing activities like email marketing, leading customers to your Amazon sale funnels will stem from that database pool.

Wrap Up

Above are some smart tips to help you convert customers from competitor’s Facebook pages. Indeed, these tactics support your Amazon business in the short term or some minor aspects.

Therefore, if you prefer to run your Amazon business in the long term, it is essential to take more time and effort to research and plan the strategic plan. Understanding your brand and customers with proper strategy is the ultimate element to grow your business in the fierce Amazon marketplace.

Besides, you can turn to some reliable Facebook ads agencies such as for valuable solutions. The specialist with intensive experience and knowledge will support you to set up and manage Facebook ads effectively. As a result, you can convert customers from Facebook’s page for your Amazon business with less time and effort.