As of late, WhatsApp clients have gotten themselves casualties of online tricks after a message professing to be parting with free prizes for Amazon’s “30th Anniversary” was conveyed.

Despite the fact that it is now and again hard to tell when something is genuine or a trick, you can by and large tell by the spelling of the URL or email address and the substance of the message.

In the event that you are uncertain, don’t tap on any connections shipped off you and check online to check whether others have been forced to bear a similar trick.


The most recent trick on WhatsApp is the Amazon 30th Anniversary trick. Clients are being sent messages which guarantee to be from Amazon.

The messages guarantee that Amazon is offering “unconditional presents” in festival of their 30th commemoration and welcome individuals to tap on the connection. The connection takes you to a page which requests that you fill in your subtleties.

This is a trick, and the con artists utilize this to take your own data. One approach to tell is on the grounds that Amazon was established in 1994, which implies it will not be praising its 30th commemoration until 2024.

To keep away from tricks like this, never enter your own subtleties into any connection or message that you are not 100% sure is from a genuine organization. Numerous banks and organizations express that they could never request that you enter your subtleties through text.

Another approach to tell that this is a trick is by checking the URL connect. On the off chance that the URL isn’t the authority organization site, leave the page and don’t enter any data.

Try not to advance trick messages onto any other person, as this permits the trick to spread all the more generally.


Another trick which has gotten broad on WhatsApp includes confirmation codes.

Normally, when making or marking into a WhatsApp account on another gadget, you will be approached to enter a confirmation code which was shipped off your cell phone.

In any case, programmers have been utilizing this to get into individuals’ records. They endeavor to sign into your telephone by mentioning a confirmation code which gets shipped off your telephone.

They then, at that point profess to be one of your companions and guarantee that they sent the check code to some unacceptable telephone number so will request that you send them the 6 digit code you just got.

The programmers would then be able to sign into your record.

In an explanation, WhatsApp said: “The wellbeing and security of our clients and their messages are truly imperative to us. Notwithstanding, very much like customary SMS or calls, it’s feasible for other WhatsApp clients who have your telephone number to reach you.”

To stay away from tricks like this one, don’t give a check code to anyone, (regardless of whether you think you know them) and turn on two-venture confirmation.