Amazing Baked Potatoes

There are so many ways to make potatoes. You can have them baked, roasted, sauteed, microwaved, and even grilled! They are one of the most common side dishes that everyone loves. This recipe shows you how easy it is to bake perfect potatoes every time. It is an excellent way to get your kids involved in cooking since they will love helping you prepare them. In this article we will be showing you how to easily bake potatoes without any fuss. And yes, those rumors about them being difficult to bake are completely false; it’s just that no one has ever demonstrated the proper way of doing so. Trust us when we say there’s really nothing difficult about it; all you need is a little bit of patience and common sense along the way. Here’s how…

Pre-heat the oven

Pre-heating the oven will ensure that all of the potatoes are cooked through and evenly crisp up. You don’t want any potatoes to burn, or for the steams to be too cool. A high-enough temperature will allow for a quick and even cooking process. You may need to adjust your stove’s settings depending on the type of model you have. This will ensure that the steams are hot enough to easily bake.

Choose your potato variety

When choosing potatoes for baking, you have a few different varieties to choose from. Since the baking process will be the same, it’s important to consider the specific flavor you want to give your potatoes. – Red skin potatoes are a good all-round choice. They have a great texture and are flavorful. Red potatoes are also very nutritious, with a low glycemic index. – Yellow potatoes are a bit sweeter and less starchy than red potatoes. They are often used for breakfast, and are good for those watching their sugar intake. – Blue potatoes are a newer variety that is gaining popularity. They are often steam-baked, and are a great replacement for white potatoes.

Cut up your potatoes

Before you can steam or boil your potatoes, you will need to cut them up into smaller pieces. You do not want to boil potatoes whole because they will boil too long and turn into a watery mess. Boiling potatoes takes up to an hour, and this is too long for baking. If you want to steam them, they should be cut into smaller pieces that will take less time to cook.

Dry roast your potatoes

After you have pre-heated the oven you can dry roast your potatoes. This is another way to add flavor to your potatoes without adding extra oils. Dry roasting your potatoes is a simple way to give them more depth of flavor. You can do this by simply sprinkling them with salt and placing them on a baking sheet in your oven until they are dry roasted. This process can take up to 30 minutes, and it will help develop the flavor of your potatoes. When done, simply remove them from the oven and mash them up! You can also make baked potatoes on the grill.

Add spices and oil to the potatoes

Now that you have the potatoes prepped, it’s time to add the additional spices and oil. When adding oil to vegetables, it’s important to use a light oil that won’t over power the spices. You can use canola, olive, or even melted butter. When adding spices, it’s important to think about the amount you are adding. Too little and your potatoes will taste bland, too much and they will taste like a store-bought packet. When adding spices to potatoes, it’s best to add them towards the end of the cooking time so they don’t burn.

Bake them until they are done and crisp up!

After adding the oil, spices, and potatoes, the last step is to bake them. Baking potatoes takes between 35 to 45 minutes. You will want to check on them around the 35 minute mark to make sure that they aren’t too brown. When done, your potatoes will be soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. You can serve your potatoes with a variety of dishes. They are often served alongside turkey, ham, and other main dishes. They are also great for making a side dish with grilled meats, soups, chili, and even dessert! There you have it. These are the steps you need to follow in order to successfully bake potatoes without any fuss. If you try them out, we would love to hear from you!