All about winning the Geordie Shore show and spilling the beans about reality TV stars

Reality television has taken the world by storm over the past two decades, with shows like The Real World, Survivor, and Big Brother paving the way for a new form of entertainment. Nowadays, the genre has evolved to include more dramatic content, with shows like Geordie Shore captivating audiences worldwide. Reality shows appeal to people because they make them believe that what they see on TV could also happen in real life. The idea of being discovered while living an ordinary life and becoming a reality TV star has become a dream for many. However, Roxanne Hamedi, a 29-year-old pharmacist from Aberdeen, Scotland, is one person whose dream turned into reality when she was approached to appear on the Geordie Shore  show.

Roxanne Hamedi rose to fame on the 22nd series of Geordie Shore, titled ‘Hot Single Summer’, where some of the original cast members met “singles” like Roxanne, and they all dated. Every few days, there would be an elimination where a non-original cast member would leave the house, and new ones would replace them. Roxanne fell for James Tindale, an original cast member, and the connection between them was so strong that he asked her to be his girlfriend at the end of the show. She essentially won the show by being the only contestant who stayed in the house from the start until the end with a relationship.

However, she regrets dating James Tindale during the show as she later discovered that he already had a girlfriend the whole time he was obsessing over her. “I was too nice to him and even let it go after knowing the truth. However, I became the center of abuse from trolls on social media because I was getting accused of wrecking a relationship. Even though he came on a dating show to be with other women but I bore the brunt of it. Then, I can’t regret something I didn’t know about,” Roxanne expressed. She went on to add that while she met people like Tindale, the decision she is not happy about, some people like Vicky Pattison actually made an impression on her.

It is no secret that reality TV brings people from different walks of life together, teaching them ways to co-exist with clashing personalities and ideologies. Where you find people you don’t get along with, you also make life-long friends. Roxanne Hamedi went through the same experiences in Geordie Shore where she got to learn about life, different kinds of people and how to deal with them in different situations. The show proved to be a turning point in her life, both personally and professionally. It not just made her a celebrity but made her stronger and more confident about herself and her life choices. 

Switching from a pharmacist to a reality TV star may seem like a drastic change, but Roxanne Hamedi considers it to be a smooth transition. She explained that reality TV doesn’t feel like a job, and it’s all very fun to her, which made the switch easy for her. The pharmacist turned celebrity believes that nothing worthwhile comes easy. She is of the view that you can achieve anything when you put in the effort, along with having the right resources and a bit of luck.

Besides being successful as a reality TV artist, Roxanne has a Master’s degree in Pharmacy. She is also proud of herself for skydiving over the Whitsunday Islands in Australia. As for her future, Roxanne’s ambitions include becoming a TV presenter and working more in TV by appearing on shows like Strictly Come Dancing, Dancing on Ice, and I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! Moreover, she is building her makeup empire called ‘A Selfish Soul’ and has already launched her eyebrow products.

One thing is sure that reality TV has given ordinary people a chance to be discovered and become stars in their own right. Roxanne Hamedi is an excellent example who made a name for herself despite being a pharmacist. Her journey from a pharmacist to a reality TV star is certainly inspirational and shows that anything is possible with hard work, determination, and a little luck. Her experiences have taught her valuable lessons that she can carry with her as she continues to pursue her goals in the entertainment and beauty industry.