All about the STR wheels, Diablo wheels and TIS wheels

Thinking of changing the exterior of your car? What’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Wheels, right? Well, it is not just about the looks but also about the performance. Choosing the right wheels for your vehicle like the Superspeed rf05rr is important if you want style and performance to go together. What if we say, you can choose the wheels and then customize them (just an added bonus) as well according to the size, color, and fitment of your choice need?.

In this blog post, we will talk about STR, Diablo, and TIS wheels for your truck and SUVs.

STR Wheels 

High ion quality and style, STR wheels are a perfect representation of your car’s performance. To ensure that you get the best for your car in terms of design, color, and fitment, you will need to stand step away from a regular wheel and look for something that will matches your expectations. 

This is where; STR wheels come into action byand offering you multiple customizable options to personalize your car according to your preference. As a matter of fact, not everything looks good on your car. You need to decide according on the basis ofto the car model you own and the type of performance you are looking for.

The checklist you should look for when it comes to leveraging wheels –

1. Strong and durable quality

2. Wide variety of colors

3. Multiple fitment options

4. Large array of styles 

If the above checklist matches with the wheel you select, you just got found the perfect match for your vehicle! Till now, STR wheels haveve garnered hundreds of happy and dedicated customers with that they have earned through their trust, quality of product, and services.

Diablo wheels 

The name – Diablo is enough to make any luxury vehicle, thea center of attractionattention. All Diablo wheels come with bold designs and a style to match your bold vehicle. Aggressive yet elegant, Diablo offers a one-of-aits-kind appearance and performance for today’s generation of car owners.! 

Diablo wheels, formed in 2000 in southern California, follows an industry-standard technique for a perfect fit and finish. It was created to fill the void in the wheel market. A unique combination of style and durability, it is a fusion of timeless styling and finishes, crafted with a strong commitment to luxury. 

These wheels make the best use of aluminum that gives an edge over its competitors. If you are someone looking for high quality while and also want to maintaining the highest performance standards, then you cannot go wrong with the Diablo wheels. TheyIt comes in 20’’ to 32’’ sizes for your truck and SUVs. 

Till date, Diablo wheels have made hundreds of happy customers happy with their products and services, and the number is yet still increasing. 

TIS wheels 

There is an adventurer in all of us that lives deep, waiting to be unleashed. If you are of the same thought and are looking to upgrade your vehicle’s road capabilities, you can do it with the TIS collection of wheels.

TIS or, Twenty Inches Strong was established in 2001 and is a luxury wheel manufacturer. A wide range of designs, colors, and fitments is what you can expect from TIS. It is crafted using the metal alloy that makes the wheel incredibly lightweight and expensive-looking. High on durability and performance, it is the complete package you are looking for. 

Today, you can get TIS wheels in sizes – 16” inches to 26” sizes inches, with width spanning from– 6.5” inches to 16” inches , and offsets spanning from -101mm to +60mm. 

Go for the custom look that you always wanted for your truck or SUVs. Whether you want to elevate the look of your vehicle or enhance itsthe performance, you’ve goet everything. 


It goes without saying that the wheels are one of the most important parts of your vehicle. If you want to upgrade the look of your car or just wishant to enhance itsthe overall performance, you will have to think about choosing the right wheels. Of course, with great looks and better performance, these wheels come at an amazingly considerable cost. As a car owner, you should invest in something that will last long while giving you the performance you always wanted! 

We understand how important style and performance are for your vehicle and that is why we help you in this journey of finding the perfect fit. Here at AudioCityUSA Wheels, haswe have been in business since 1989 and our vision is to provide our customers with high-quality wheels and excellent customer service atwith affordable prices, accompanied with and fast shipping, so that you don’t have to wait for an extraordinary experience. 

Our dedicated team of experts has years of extensive knowledge and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our wheels and tires.