All about digital marketing for students

Marketing students often face a lack of skills and experience to get a well-paid job. It is not enough to write a good essay, even with the help of Editius. In order to become a sought-after marketer, you need to have some hard and soft skills. Let’s see what you need to know about digital marketing.

To understand what is the responsibility of a digital marketer, you must first understand the very concept of digital marketing.

Definition of digital marketing

Thus, digital marketing is marketing that uses digital channels to attract and retain customers.

Digital marketing is often confused with Internet marketing and it is believed that a digital marketer deals exclusively with the presentation of goods and services, attracting and retaining customers through the Web, but this is not the case. Internet marketing is only part of the job of a digital marketer, in fact his responsibilities often go beyond the Internet, offline, albeit inextricably linked to it.

How does this happen? For example, if you place a billboard, it’s regular marketing, but if it has a QR code, it’s digital marketing; if you place advertising on radio or television – marketing, and if in the speech of an online radio station or digital TV – digital marketing.

In this way, we get the main responsibility of a digital marketer – to attract and retain customers, users using all available digital tools.

To do this, the specialist needs:

1. Build a digital strategy – a plan to promote a product or service on the Internet.

2. Develop and implement media campaigns, monitor their implementation.

3. Make a portrait of the buyer, customer, user.

4. To build communication between the company and customers on the Internet (through paid advertising – according to the PPC model, through email-marketing, social networks, etc.).

5. Analyze the market and competitors.

6. Engage in SEO-optimization of the company’s website.

7. Work with web site analytics, conduct A / B tests.

8. Test and evaluate the effectiveness of various communication channels and develop plans for new ones.

9. Often, the digital marketer also holds numerous meetings with employees involved in product creation and advertising campaigns, contractors (sets them tasks and monitors performance), partners, and sometimes with customers. During his work he interacts with various teams within the company – designers, web developers, content managers.

Software skills are also important

This is why a successful marketer must have the following traits, knowledge and skills:

1. Analytical way of thinking. Be able to properly analyze the results of the work, predict and evaluate the effectiveness of the task.

2. Know Google Analytics and social media statistics.

3. Creative approach. Experiments and the generation of bold ideas are part of a marketer’s job, so innovations should not frighten and seem unfeasible.

4. Flexibility in decision-making, self-education, quick reaction. It is necessary to be able to quickly adapt to the new conditions of doing business online, not to panic and constantly deepen knowledge.

5. Customer orientation. An internet marketer is able to perceive things exclusively from the client’s point of view, but at the same time relies on the support of online surveys and statistics.

6. Global vision. Even working in one direction, you need to be able to think systematically, to imagine the big picture. This is vital for creating business concepts, algorithms and processing large amounts of information.