Alina Monosova: Key Facts of Biography

Alina Leonidovna Monosova is a native of Moscow. She was born on 13 February 1990. Her family lived for a long time in the Sokolniki district. At first she studied at the 315 secondary school, known for being the only school in Moscow with its own observatory. Then her parents transferred her to the Premier public school, and after another year she became a student at the Moscow Economic School (MES).

According to Alina Monosova, the transfer from Premier to MESH was due to transport difficulties – it took almost two hours to get there in one direction. After graduating from the School of Economics, Alina confidently enrolled in the Faculty of International Business and Business Administration at MGIMO. As Alina admits, studying at MGIMO was one of the most memorable stages of her life, and she remembers her student days with joy and warmth.

The beginning of Alina Monosova’s career

After graduating from the Institute of International Relations, Alina Monosova got a job in the commercial department of Channel One. Working in television was the fulfilment of a teenage dream. But as is often the case, reality and expectations are very different.

– Unfortunately, I was not interested in the work. The projects in which I have been involved have not piqued my interest,” Alina Monosova recalls. – I quickly became disillusioned with television, its backstage was not as exciting as I thought, so I left Channel One without regret.

Parallel to her work in television, Alina Monosova continued her studies at MGIMO: immediately after receiving her bachelor’s degree, she entered the master’s programme at the International Institute of Management. 

When Alina Monosova finished her work at Channel One, she had the opportunity to fulfil a long-held dream – to get a European education. As an exchange student, she went to London to study Global Management at Regents University.

Studying in the UK exceeded Alina’s expectations. The time she spent in London gave her not only a prestigious degree, but also valuable experience in communicating with people from many different countries. Alina notes that she still keeps in touch with many of her fellow students and enjoys catching up with them whenever she gets the chance.

Alina Leonidovna Monosova: from construction to psychology

After studying in London, Alina Leonidovna returned to Moscow and started working for a large construction company in the marketing and sales department. During ten years of work in the construction industry, she achieved high results and demonstrated excellent professional qualities. For several years she held the position of the company’s Vice-President and was involved in large infrastructure projects related to commercial real estate, took part in strategic planning and was responsible for organising management processes.

All the while, Alina Leonidovna continued her studies, devoting much of her time to psychology. She successfully completed her postgraduate studies at Moscow State University, obtaining a diploma in personality and business psychology. Alina Monosova has an idea to implement a new project aimed at helping people choose a psychologist or coach according to their needs. At the same time, she becomes a certified coach and expands her knowledge and skills in Gestalt therapy.

After a while, Alina Leonidovna realised that she wanted to do psychology more for herself, so she stopped the commercial project. At the same time, she received an interesting job offer that she could not refuse. 

Now Alina Monosova continues to deepen her knowledge of psychology, which has become a fascinating hobby for her. Perhaps, in time, she will return to projects related to psychology.