Air compressor problems and ways to troubleshoot it

Talking about the air compressor, it is one of the most useful things we use in our day to day life. The best use of air compressor usually happens in the factories and some of the garages where we usually visit to fill the tyres of our vehicles. Taking about the convenience then the air compressor has solved many problems that were very difficult before the invention of the air compressor. In the current generation, the spray painting of many objects happens a few times, which used to take days in the previous generation just because after the invention of the air compressor. Well, if you think about what to do when your air compressor gives you a problem, then here are some of the tips. 

Electrical problem- 

Discussing about the troubleshooting Bostitch air compressor, the electrical problem comes at the top. The most common reason for having an electrical problem is that the break in the circuit. Mostly this happens because of some circuit damage that happens with the wire. Ensure that you turn off the switch after a power cut because no one knows what voltage the electricity may come from, and it can damage the machine. If you don’t take the proper care of the wires in it, it can cause you some circuit damage, and the air compressor will not start.

When the compressor doesn’t start-

There are many reasons from which the compressor may not start. If your compressor is not working, you should make sure that the plug is connected properly with the power unit. If this won’t work, try to plug the socket into another plug unit if it is a problem with the power supply. If both the way doesn’t work, you can press the reset button present in the motor itself. 

 Make sure that you regularly check your capacitor. Troubleshooting the Bostitch air compressor is very much easy if you follow the steps in a précised manner. If you don’t check the capacitor, you will not get to know the proper condition of the capacitor. If the belt of the air compressor is not working, then you should replace it.

Low air level-

If you are taking all the necessary steps to make sure that your air pressure is in a proper condition, it isn’t able to make the perfect amount of pressure. It may happen due to some of the leakage presents in the tanks. The holes may be smaller enough, so you won’t be able to see them with bare eyes. Make sure to check that so you can fix that as soon as possible. Well, if filling the air, the compressor is making some of the weird noise, then it happens because the engine may be dated and unable to make the proper amount of power needed. These reasons are responsible if your air compressor is taking time to fill up.


There may come a problem that can arise due to electrical and technical failure. Well, troubleshooting bostitch air compressor is necessary if you want to use it for a long period.