Aion Classic Abyss Points Earning Guide: How to Farm AP Fast in Aion Classic

Abyss Point, referred to as AP, is the unique currency system of Abyss. You can only buy things from the Abyss! In the later stage, there are many powerful types of equipment that are exchanged through AP, which is more tempting than ordinary currencies! Let’s take a 30-level abyssal ordinary monster as an example. Killing one will get 6 AP. If we target 1 million AP, then after calculation, we need to kill 16W monsters to get enough. Under normal circumstances, you can kill about 3 monsters in one minute. After calculation, it takes 833 hours to complete. The above is to give you a basic understanding, and have a certain idea of how hard it is to obtain AP. Below I will teach you how to get AP quickly.

What is Aion Classic Abyss Point?

Abyss points are points accumulated in a variety of ways that are used to calculate a player’s abyss rank in the game. In Aion Classic, there are two major important and necessary currencies used in the gameplay, including Aion Classic Kinah and Abyss Point. Unlike the Aion Classic Kinah, players can only use and get Abyss Point from Abyss. AP can be used to purchase abyss-specific equipment, which is much better in terms of attributes than the average equipment at Aion classic.

Abyss points can not only be earned, but can also be lost when defeated by an opposing faction player. Defeating a higher-ranked enemy earns more abyss points than killing a lower-ranked opponent. For instance, killing a level 46 Abyss Rank 1 player earns more AP points than killing a level 46 Abyss Rank 7 opponent. Also, being killed by an opponent of a higher abyss level causes your AP to lose more.

How to get Aion Classic Abyss Points?

You can earn abyss points by:

·Defeat the opposing faction in PvP.

·Remove the NPC of Reshanta or Balaurea.

·Complete missions that reward your AP.

·At all levels of Dredgions.

·Turn in your AP Relics.

Your level determines how many abyss points you can earn from the above methods.

If you subscribe to the Prestige pack, you will get 10x AP from Abyss pursuits. If you perform 500 AP worth of tasks, you are guaranteed to be rewarded with 5,000 ap as a result. This is the fastest way to build abyss points. You can also do AP farming tasks or tasks with a friend. Group farming is faster than solo farming. Campaign bonuses are around 2000 ap, killing NPCS is around 200 ap, and missions range from 100 to 1K. So PvP is the fastest option.

You will lose the Abyss Points by:

·Died at the hands of rival faction players

·Died at the hands of a rival faction NPC

·Buying Abyss items

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