AI writing tool – What You Should Know

Content writing is a great way to communicate your business to the masses. But it takes a lot of time and effort to write compelling content to attract customers. Creating worth-reading content can be exhausting and hectic but with the best AI writing tool you can save your time and energy without compromising on the quality of content. There are plenty of AI writing tools that can do wonders for you. Some tools are specialized in marketing content whereas others are perfect for long-form articles. The key is to pick the right AI writing tool and it will assist you in writing flawless and interesting content in no time. Here are 4 AI writing tools that you will love.


INK Editor is an AI writing tool that generates SEO content to enhance the organic traffic on your website. This tool is specialized to create content that automatically ranks your website higher when certain keywords are searched on search engines. INK is equipped with a patented AI system that not only analyzes your content as per the market trends but also offers recommendations to improve your content to ensure it is search engine optimized. To your surprise, this is not only a theoretical claim. Rather it is supported through research that content created using INK has four times more chances to rank at top of Google searches. INK writing tool also helps you to create attractive yet interesting marketing content.


If you are looking for an AI writing tool that can help you with academic content writing then ProWritingAid is the perfect pick for you. No matter which writer level you are, this tool will help you create error-free academic content. You can write detailed reports, essays, professional articles, and even a research thesis with this tool. It has more than 1000 pre-built writing styles to choose from as per your need. It offers writing suggestions, spell-check, grammar-check, style suggestions, and editing suggestions to make your content worth reading. Along with this it also helps to screen out unwanted content like vague sentences, extremely long sentences, redundancy, and meaningless content to give a professional appeal.


To manage your online marketing and social media content, there is no better AI writing tool than Scalenut. It helps to generate SEO content for your blogs and websites to help you rise the rank ladder on search engines. It is equipped with more than 50 use cases with a special focus on blog writing. You can also write exceptional ad copy, social media posts and content, website copies, and other such online content in literally no time.


Sudowrite is an AI writing tool that assists you in explaining and elaborating the text, rewriting existing text, brainstorming ideas, twisting the text, suggesting new ideas or topics, and even writing a contemporary free verse poem. It is the go-to tool that you need when you are out of words and need to be creative. This AI writing tool is extremely user-friendly and easy to use.

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