Agri industry with LTE 4G/5G Tester Equipment & RF Drive Test Tools

From crop cultivation to insect detection at the farms, the agriculture industry will get benefitted from the 5G network – 5G will transform the traditional agriculture industry into smart farming and agriculture. While 5G rolls out worldwide, this high-bandwidth and low latency cellular technology are perfect for smart farms and ready to make an impact on AgTech. 

Agriculture or farming is the first and foremost industry across the world, playing a major role in human survival, and hugely dependent on manual labor. However, 5G technology in the agri industry is changing that traditional concept by strengthening the automation of labor-intensive tasks, thereby encouraging a new era in modern farming/smart farming. 5G will make farming more precise, increase yields, reduce the requirement of water and other efforts, and build sustainability plus flexibility across crop cultivation and animal husbandry. So now let us look into How Stable 5G network with Accurate 5g tester, 5G test equipment, 5g network tester tools and Accurate RF drive test tools & equipment, RF tester software app & network LTE 4g tester will benefit the Agri industry?

Smart Farming and 5G Network

Smart farming refers to managing farms to increase the quantity and quality of products in farms or Agri industries using modern Information and communication technologies ICT). ICT includes a wide range of computer technologies such as robotics, sensors and actuators, drones, GPS, etc., to facilitate all these agricultural benefits. The practice of new technology (5G network) in agriculture will help farmers not only reduce labor effort but also cut down on costs while improving crop production at the same time. Before fifth-generation technology, other mobile networks have already started implementing many of these ICT technologies to provide agricultural benefits, but the 5G network will increase the impact on smart farming due to low latency, high bandwidth, and support of many communicating sensors. In addition, some other benefits of the smart farms due to 5G connected AgriTech solutions are as follows:

  • Helps in reducing resource consumption such as water, grain, fertilizer, pesticides, etc.
  • Supports in lessening soil erosion
  • Aids in improving the efficiency of overall operations and product distribution

Use Cases of 5G in the Farming and Agriculture Industry – 

Data collection for precision agriculture

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5G technology has the potential for cohesive data collection or data accumulation in the role of smart farming operations/precision agriculture. The 5G network supports machine-to-machine (M2M) services, so any large farm can employ a private 5G network to collect data from micro-monitored crop management systems such as soil moisture sensor density, reducing inputs from water, and food to fertilizer, and applying precise treatments to only infected crops instead of treating an entire field, etc. 5G is a super-fast technology as it allows machines to control the collected data centrally and send back data in real-time, which will be helpful for farmers to find out the exact issues and thereby regulate irrigation and other crop support systems.  

Drone uses

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To monitor all the agricultural activities and closely manage harvests on the farms, many farmers have started using drones and operating efficiently using high-bandwidth technology 5G. 5G network will facilitate drones to collect higher-quality video data from the fields and convey it faster with real-time reports. Some of the benefits of using AI drone technology in the Agri industry are –

  • Drones are inexpensive compared to driving tractors through fields
  • Drones provide more exactly specific information about crop damage and other variables

Livestock tracking and monitoring

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The importance of livestock is playing a pivotal role in sustainable agriculture, and the implementation of 5G is the most feasible option for locating valuable livestock. It can be a tough task for a farmer to locate any missing cow or cattle or sheep physically, and in that case, animal monitoring sensors on the 5G network will likely stay connected via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or LTE LPWAN (AgTech can employ smart collars and ear tags, to track an animal’s location and health). How the network 5G is beneficial for farming?

  • 5G can communicate the animals’ health, fertility, and food intake to farmers by facilitating geo-location services and real-time connectivity.
  • With 5G technology, reduce the overall cost of livestock performance and livestock management solutions.


The enormous demand for 5G technology in the agriculture industry is increasing rapidly because 5G’s advanced features will provide several benefits to the farmers and the entire agriculture business. Some of the advantages include- faster speeds and significantly lower latency on a smart technology 5G will facilitate real-time communication between stakeholders; reduced cost in terms of utilizing lesser requirements of Agri-inputs, workforce, and other resources; support farmers to make choices increasing more productivity and efficiency.

When smart farming will continue to expand with the help of 5G-enabled solutions, telecom operators will face challenges to provide stable network connectivity to their end users. So here 4G/5G Crowdsourcing testing solution will facilitate network operators to quickly solve the network problem by using a network tester such as the RantCell app, seating in one place while providing services to the consumers. Crowdsourcing solutions is a network testing and monitoring method for 4G/5G coverages that can help operators understand their current network performance, thus bringing significant value during network planning activities. Choose RantCell network testing software and get your issues solved!