Age Pranks .Com {July} Prank Call With Voice Changer!

Better referred to online as Ownage Pranks, is an American YouTube trick guest who for the most part calls organizations remembering eateries with helpless evaluations for Yelp, peculiar Craigslist publicists, tow truck organizations and fans who need to trick somebody they know according to popular demand. He additionally transfers songified remixes of his trick calls, vivified adaptations of his trick calls and Omegle discussions where he is spruced up as one of the characters from the channel. Russel’s style has changed significantly throughout the long term – from being undeniably more tense in his tricks almost immediately and calling with firearms blasting first thing, to a more quiet style where he bit by bit takes care of the casualty’s displeasure by picking to say/offer exceptionally surprising, crazy things to them, uncovering the trick thereafter much of the time. A couple of his previous recordings delivered in late 2000’s likewise highlighted a unidentified man who passed by the nom de plume “Trump” tricking the casualty with him.


Russell has a wide range of character characters that he utilizes during his trick calls. Some are utilized more than others, with Buk Lau being the most well known person, and John McCain being the least. Aside from his infamous team, he likewise does a couple of irregular voices for explicit tricks or events like a British, West African, and Russian intonation. A great deal of his characters share a few similitudes, for example, having an obsession for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (or different types of interests connected to defication), just as having a strangely frail stomach continually becoming ill from food.

Buk Lau’s Appearence

Buk Lau is Russell’s Asian person who in certain events has additionally been depicted as female (principally got from being frequently called female because of his relationship with Tyrone Biggums and his ladylike sounding voice). He notable on account of his Condom Prank Call(s) and the Angry Antenna Removal Prank, with the majority of Russ’ mainstream trick recordings highlighting him as a dominating job.

Buk Lau’s legacy is half Chinese and half Vietnamese as uncovered in certain recordings, yet he has asserted it to be that of another East Asian country in a couple of tricks.

Buk Lau has been depicted as a trick twofold for the program “The Simpsons” as displayed in Animated Episode 0: The Next Chapter – Ownage Pranks to bring in cash for more Ownage Pranks movements, and has been a sitter as displayed in “Asian Babysitting Nightmare Prank”. Buk likewise possesses a Chinese Restaurant and cases to have a child named “Neelo” experiencing malignant growth (IRS trick call).

Tyrone’s Appearence

Tyrone Biggums is perhaps the most highlighted characters played by OwnagePranks. The vast majority don’t understand an adjustment of the voice because of the outrageous distinction between them, just as Tyrone’s cliché talking way, permitting Ownage to handily trick his casualties. Tyrone is the second-most famous person after Buk Lau.

Tyrone has been a cop, a DJ, and is frequently depicted as a burglar. Tyrone was additionally highlighted momentarily on Barack Obama radio, saying something very obnoxious, and was immediately discarded. Tyrone was at first additionally alluded to as “Tyrese” by some trick casualties. Tyrone is known to have a child who is referred to as “Jabari” in a few events including the KFC Prank, and the conning sweetheart trick. He is additionally regularly depicted as being flat mates with different characters.