African Print Bedding Holding Tradition

Bedding is an essential home decor which we require every month. One can’t use one bedcover for a couple of months. Surely, it sounds hilarious! This article is dedicated to two African sisters -Kemi (elder sister) and Lara (younger one) running a black-owned business in the United Kingdom.

The sisters are passionate to curate home decor items and lifestyle products. Black owned businesses in the UK show a positive response from the crowd as they are introducing their culture and values to the nation. Similarly, these two African British women are spreading their skills & passion through their products representing their core culture. 

Comfort What they Want to Deliver

While shopping, every customer is certain about the fulfilment of their needs through the products. It’s really frustrating when you end up purchasing something that’s not worth spending. Such unfair practices shattered customers’ trust. 

Kemi and Lara are selling comfort beddings cherished with astonishing prints & styles. The two determinants believe home is a comfort zone where one can be themselves without worrying about the world. So they ensure to introduce beddings that are enriched in quality and render comfy. 

Apart From Comfort 

What they believe is given through their brand – The Cornrow. From home decor to gift cards, books, to clothing, every item is a piece of joy. The brand pays attention to the needs of the customers. Perhaps, offering in-fashion products with affordable prices. 

The brand is a truly family owned business where creative advice on products comes from the sisters’ mother- Yasmin. The sisters translated their vision into brand products holding strong philosophies. 

The Theme of Beddings

One can relate the prints of bedding carrying an impressive theme. The stunning Yael Et Valerie Throw, Sage Green Bedding, features six black women that contributed to black justice. It’s a pure cotton bed cloth highlighting women empowerment. What can be best for the people looking for inspiring home decor? 

The bedding comes in two shades- the first is the luxurious nude shade that is perfect to match elegance. The demanding pink shade touches the hearts of women. The fascinating O’baby design from the Shine Shine studios in South Africa is bedding full of joy. The design glam up the charm of the room with its fun element. 

The collection of beddings are adorable and contain a modern black aesthetic. The throws are not limited to the bed but also look amazing over the sofa or couch, enhancing the beauty of the home interior. Have a look at the online store and experience the African tradition. 

In the End

The brand owned by two sisters not only met the needs of customers but wanted the black history to be remembered in the hearts of people. The brand stores the black tradition that makes the products more impacting. 


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