Additional Services Offered by Architecture Design Companies

One of the great things about being a property owner is the fact that you have the freedom to do what you want with it. Within reason, of course – it would be amazing to have a staircase to the moon, but this is not realistic. However, a fully functional finished basement is, and if you want one, you can have it (if there is room). There are a few additions to properties that can be made, and they can be worth considering, especially as many of them will raise the value of the property. This can be useful if you are thinking of reselling in the future or if you want to have the opportunity to get extra rental income. You could also want these additions for yourself – to give you more room or add features to your home. So what additions are we talking about? The two most commonly requested additions to the existing property are accessory dwelling units (ADU’s) and basements. These are not necessary for the property. However, often they are a great bonus and can raise the value of a property. So what are they, and how can we get them on our property?

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

Accessory dwelling units are becoming more and more popular, and there is an increasing demand for properties that have one. So if you want to sell soon and there is room for an ADU, it will not hurt to build one. So, what are they? The most common ADU is a granny flat – a self-contained mini-home that is either attached or unattached (yet on the same land) as an existing property. They are often used for family members or as a guest house. They can also be used as an elaborate man cave, a music room, or even a kid’s playroom. Even if you did not realize that you wanted a mini home away from home, you would find yourself coming up with many different uses for it!

An ADU can also be as simple as a converted garage that suddenly can house more than just a motorbike and spare boxes. If you want to make your garage into a home office, then turn it into an ADU! There are special ADU architects who will know many different ways to turn what used to be a dead space into a much loved and useful dwelling. As long as the ADU does not encroach on too much of the backyard, there is never going to be a downside to having one. As soon as you can mention an ADU (however you choose to call it) in the description of a home, the value instantly rises.


Everyone knows how versatile and great basements are. They can be used for storage, living in, or simply making the square footage of the property larger! Basements can be finished or unfinished, and even an unfinished basement will bring extra value to a home that would otherwise not have one at all. Basements are not as common in homes in warmer climates like California, so adding one to a residential property is one way to make your property stand out from the competition when it comes time to sell.

These additions are great in theory, but as can be imagined, they would take a lot of work to make into a reality. Architecture design companies will be able to have a look at your property and let you know whether an ADU or a basement is a conceivable possibility. If possible, they will be able to get to work and be responsible for the whole process – from the design to the construction and the finished product. If you get one of the better architecture design companies, they will be able to add a little bit of individuality and style into the additions. The only thing better than a basement is a basement that is different from everyone else’s, and that has a little bit of your personality showing through. Whether it be through an additional beam in a certain style, or to a unique window or staircase. If you can dream it, chances are the architect will be able to make it a reality. If you want any sort of addition to your home, then you need to find a basement architect or an ADU architect and get creative!