Achieve your KPIs through Link Building

If you are engaged in a link building process, you have to achieve various milestones on the way. These milestones for online marketing are the KPIs. There can be numerous KPIs for a link building process. As a link builder, you have to set targets for each KPI. In link building, your KPIs can be website visits, number of form fillings, number of trial uses, number of demo requests, number of Call-To-Actions taken, number of reviews, number of e-asset downloads, number of reshares of social media posts, total revenue generated, total orders made, average time spent by a user on the website, etc. The idea is not about setting up numerous KPIs but about achieving them all without fail. Only when you achieve your KPIs, there is real success for your link building activities. Learn the way and tricks of achieving your KPIs from this article and reach out to the professional link building company PerfectLinkBuilding, India for a consultation.

Create Action Plans for each KPI

As each KPI is different in nature, you should employ different action plans to achieve each of them. Action plans involve using various methods and methodologies to execute the necessary functional requirements in order to achieve KPIs. To implement the right and successful action plans but the Best SEO & Link Building Packages from World’s Top SEO Experts.

Create Exclusive Content for each KPI

Using exclusive content for each KPI promotion, you can achieve it. For this, you have to differentiate your content’s tone and appeal in order to get your own target audience to interact with your brand mentions and links. Understand the purpose of your targeting message and create the content that suits the purpose.

The content that is tailor-made for each KPI should be published in only relevant and contextual platforms and web media, and that have the potential to help achieve your KPIs.

Ensure to Include each KPI URLs in Content

KPIs cannot be achieved without promoting the URLs connected and related to them. A brand content without hyperlinks it’s not a digital asset. Only digital assets are clickable and hence, contribute to the achievement of the KPIs. 

Use Effective Call-To-Actions for each KPI

Call-To-Actions are the actual triggers that once pressed lead to the fulfillment of KPIs. So, use effective and relevant Call-To-Actions in order to trigger more actions and reactions.

Create Proactive Content Calendar

Your content calendar should always be filled with action and creativity, rather than being filled with dull, commonplace and boring beaten track content posts that never inspire or initiate your audience. Your content calendar should be proactive and flexible in order to incorporate new trends, tap opportunities, promote events, increase content posting frequency and support in all possible ways to achieve your KPIs.


You can achieve each one of your KPIs by paying the attention that it deserves and promoting the links that they are associated with and promoting content that creates actions and reactions.