Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander National Support

The National NAIDOC Week is an annual celebration event that takes place all across Australia. During this event that continues for a week, the culture and achievements and the history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are celebrated throughout the country. 

NAIDOC is a very popular event in Australia, and people from all walks of life celebrate the event. Both Indigenous and non‑Indigenous Australians participate in the event, and NAIDOC WEEK is a great opportunity to bring Australians Together once a year. 

The NAIDOC Week is a great opportunity for Australians to embrace the culture and participate in various indigenous activities gaining knowledge about true and ancient Australian culture.

A Week To Support Indigenous Australians

The NAIDOC Week is an event dedicated to supporting and giving a voice to the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. The event is not just an endeavour that brings Australians closer to the traditions and culture of the indigenous people but is also a form of support for these people all across the country. 

The NAIDOC Week 2022 will be held from Sunday 3 July to Sunday 10 July. This year, the Theme of the NAIDOC Theme will be – Get up! Stand up! Show up! 

The theme aims to encourage all Australians to embrace the institutional, structural, collaborative, and cooperative change and also celebrate the contributions and achievements of people who have driven and led change in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities over the past generations.

Several events take place during this week. It includes: 

  • National NAIDOC Poster competition
  • National NAIDOC Week Awards Ceremony
  • NAIDOC Local Grants

Every year, the National NAIDOC Awards Ceremony is held in a different focus city. 

The National NAIDOC Week Award Winners can belong from different communities in Australia and come from various backgrounds. The common thing is that they are related to NAIDOC history and have some exceptional achievements. 

NAIDOC in July 2022

NAIDOC Week is celebrated all across the country, and along with nationalized events and a general theme, there are various kinds of local events as well. The Week is celebrated annually throughout the country during the First Week of July, mostly starting and ending on Sundays. 

Along with support for the Aboriginal community, the event also has the National NAIDOC Awards, which recognize excellence and the outstanding contributions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in ten different award categories. 

The event promotes a range of Indigenous issues in the wider community and helps non-indigenous Australians understand the same. The event is an opportunity for Australians to support and get to know the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities through various activities and events held throughout Australia. 

Ending Note 

Australians Together helps people involve themselves in the NAIDOC Week through various measures and methods of contribution, which can help them gain knowledge and make an essential impact on the lives of indigenous communities in Australia.