A To-Do List for When You’re Moving

Moving to a new home can be quite an adventure and requires organization and coordination so you don’t leave anything behind. Expect to invest a lot of time and hard work to move your belongings from one home to another. You may want to ask friends and family to help you out as well as hiring one of the best moving companies in FL, Solomon & Sons. Their skilled team of moving experts will ensure you get the most affordable and efficient relocation services nationwide. They offer residential and commercial moving as well as long-distance services, flexible storage, and full-service options.

Here are some of the things you’ll need to do when moving to a new home.

Declutter your current home.

One of the first things you’re going to want to do prior to your move is declutter your house. Decluttering your home means getting rid of anything that causes your home to be cluttered. This can be old clothes, old toys, collectibles, old kitchenware, and other things that you may not be using or are simply damaged. A good rule of thumb when decluttering is to start slow and tackle the easy stuff first. This will help you gain momentum to tackle the rest of your cluttering items, items toward which you may have possibly developed an emotional attachment.

Make an inventory.

In order to ensure you’re not leaving anything behind and that everything arrives at your new place as it should, you could make an inventory of all the items involved in your move. This will mean going through each room in your house and writing down all, or the most important, things or categories of the items in them.

Hire a moving company.


As mentioned, you could also hire a moving company like Solomon & Sons to make your life easier. Their professional movers will ensure your belongings are properly taken care of during the packing process as well as the transportation from one home to the other. They will provide you with stress-free packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, storage, and transportation for an affordable price. These movers also offer furniture assembly so you can give your back a break from the pains of moving.

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Start boxing your belongings.

Another thing you’ll need to do (if you don’t hire a moving company) is to box your possessions and mark them with the proper room or category names. For instance, a box that contains only your baby’s clothes can be labeled as such (i.e., “baby’s clothes”). This will make your life so much easier, as you will not have to guess which box contains what. Additionally, you can group your boxes together for each room and transport them in that order so you will have everything you need instead of getting conferred with a random box order.

Take a day off for your move.


If you opt for not hiring a moving service and prefer to do the whole moving process yourself, then it will most likely take you a couple of days to complete your move. If you understand this will be the case for you, then you will most likely have to ask for a day or two off from work. This will help you focus on what matters at the moment and get the process done in the fastest manner possible.

Arrange travel arrangements for your entire family, including pets.

Moreover, you’ll want to make sure you prepare your travel arrangements for your family and pets so you don’t leave anyone behind. This will include buying airplane or train tickets or renting an extra car or truck so you can all travel together with your personal belongings.

Doing these things will make it easier to go through your upcoming moving process.