A Sobriety Calculator Helps You Keep Track Of Your Progress

Do you know that it is possible to use a sobriety calculator to track how long you have stayed sober? Recovering addicts who attend AA meetings will know of this. When you attend an AA meeting, you will be given a chip for the duration for which you remained sober. The chips, which were first given out at Indianapolis, have now become integral to local AA meetings. When you receive the chips, you feel a sense of pride. It is like being awarded a medal for having stayed away from your addiction. It is also a reminder of how much you struggled to overcome this addiction.

Why should you use a sobriety calculator?

This tracker will allow you to monitor your next AA milestone. The chips are known as desire/ clean chips and they stand for sobriety. When you can stay away from your addictions for a year, the achievement is more special. The chips are then either tri-plated or bronze. Those addicts who have successfully completed 5-10 years being sober can flaunt their achievements. They are also in a position to advise those who are new to this and battling addiction.

The sobriety calculator is meant for tracking the number of days you have stopped using drugs or alcohol. To use the tracking tool, you have to type in the date/time when you stopped using alcohol. The calculator then tells you how many hours, days, weeks, months, or years you have stayed sober. Finding these tools online is easy; many recovery centers even recommend it.

What are the uses of a sobriety calculator?

  • Besides keeping a note of the day you stopped drinking, it also keeps other records. With a single click you can view how much time you had spent using a certain drug/medication. It tells you the number of days you were admitted into a rehab and when you got discharged. It informs you of the time that has gone since you last experienced withdrawal symptoms. The calculator also shows the number of days after staying sober you got a job and how many days have passed since that sobriety date.
  • Each of these revelations makes you realize how much you have accomplished. Treating alcohol abuse disorders is never easy. So, every positive step that you make should be recorded and celebrated. You can either choose to celebrate on your own or share your happiness with others in an AA meeting.
  • The recording of time through this tool can aid in the recovery process. This is particularly true if you have been in a 12-step program. It is a way to show how much progress you have made in the path to recovery from addiction.
  • Recovery is prolonged in most cases because the cravings are overwhelming. Sometimes, it takes an entire lifetime to deal with this addiction. So, having a tool like this on your side can be reassuring. If you have been able to stay away from your cravings for a reasonably long period of time, you will feel motivated to continue it.

A good way to stay on-track on your path to sobriety and recovery from addiction is to use a sobriety calculator. You should expect recovery to be a long process. You cannot rush it but you should have the determination to get sober.