Most marijuana is measured in grams or ounces in states where it is legal. Eighths, quarters, half, and full ounces are available. However, to keep things under wraps before marijuana became legal, different quantities of cannabis were given code names. The word has remained ingrained in the culture to this day. Dealers in states where marijuana is illegal still refer to their customers as nick, dime, dub, and key. Each word denotes the cost or quantity of marijuana. In this article, you’ll go over the distinctions to know what you’re getting when someone gives you a dime or a dub.

What is a dime of weed?

Only one element is constant when it comes to dimes: the money you pay. A dime of weed is nearly ten dollars worth of marijuana. The amount will differ depending on the dealer. Some dimes weigh close to a gram, while others are barely enough to fill a single blunt. Dime bags are little plastic baggies that can hold half a gram to one gram of marijuana.

The name stems from the fact that for a long time, the word dime has been used as a slang phrase for the word ten. Saying someone is a dime, for example, is the same as calling them a ten.

You won’t find a dime of weed on the black market, but you might find it in a pot shop. A dime would be common if it were 1999. Street vendors would sell them by the dozens. Your bodega guy might even have pre-packaged cannabis dimes concealed behind the counter, just in case you show up stoned and want to grab a sandwich and a nightcap nug.

A dime, on the other hand, is no longer widely used. Few underground vendors will supply weed for less than $60 in 2019 (usually at least an eighth of marijuana, especially if you live in a state where marijuana is still illegal).

What is a dub?

The only constant with a dub, like a penny, is the price you pay. If your dealer offers discounts, they may offer a “fifteen dollar dub,” which is the same quantity as a twenty-dollar dub but for five dollars less. A gram or more is typically used. If you’re offered fifteen dollars for a gram of marijuana by someone you’ve never met, it’ll usually be less than that. A normal dub, on the other hand, consists of one to one and a half grams of marijuana.

The name derives from the slang term “dubs,” referring to rims with a diameter of at least twenty inches.

What is a key?

When you’re around significant amounts of cannabis or cocaine, you’ll hear the term “key.” It’s a contraction of the term kilo, which means thousand in English. It refers to a thousand grams in this situation. A kilo is approximately 2.2 pounds. A key’s pricing isn’t as stable as a nick, dime, or dub.

What is a nick of weed?

Dealers are requested for nicks in the most urgent of circumstances. A nickel, or half of a dime, is referred to as a nick. Five dollars will get you a quarter gram of high-quality organic cannabis or a half gram of garbage. In any case, it’ll suffice for a number more bowl packs. A quarter gram of cannabis fits perfectly into a coin bag.

Use slang words like a dime, a dub, and a key

Slang words for varying costs or quantities of cannabis include dime, dub, nick, and key. If you live in a state where marijuana is still illegal, you may have to speak with your supplier using only these terminologies.