A simple guide to designing your staircase

Getting your staircase design right is essential – it ties together your hallway and landing areas, creating a cohesive style that still encourages separation between these areas. 

But where do you start when designing your staircase? How do you choose a final design? And what are your options when it comes to staircase parts?

Here’s some advice from staircase experts, Stair Crazy. 

  1. Assess your space

Before you start looking at inspiration or picking out your stair parts, you need to assess your own space. 

  • Is your space quite large or more compact?
  • Will a straight staircase fit, or does there need to be a turn somewhere?
  • Will your stairs be split up by any landing platforms? 

Next, determine your priorities. 

Is your main aim to create a bright, spacious staircase or would you prefer it to feel more traditional and homely? 

  1. Find some inspiration

Now you’ve identified your priorities and know what will work within your space, it’s time to look for some inspiration. 

Whether you look online, visit showrooms or even visit friends’ homes, try to look for staircases within a similar space to yours then find elements you like that suit your style. 

Make a note of the materials that catch your eye. Wood? Metal? Maybe a combination of both? 

Which colour palettes do you prefer? Neutrals? Black and white? Pops of vibrant colours?

  1. Decide on your stair parts

You want your stair parts to work well together. They should complement the space and form a purposeful style. 

Firstly, decide what you want the focal point to be – this could be your handrail, your spindles or your treads, for example. You can then base the rest of your staircase parts around this feature.

When it comes to your stair parts there’s so much to consider, including: 

Choosing your handrail 

A handrail is a vital safety element within any staircase, but you can still make sure it’s stylish and works within your space. 

Firstly, decide whether you want a wall-mounted handrail or one that is placed on top of your spindles. 

Next, decide on the material. Did you find anything you particularly liked when looking for inspiration?

If you’re aiming for a modern, almost industrial feel consider a metal wall-mounted handrail. Whereas for a more traditional style, a wooden integrated handrail works well.

Spindles or glass panels?

You also need to decide on your spindles. 

Do you prefer the look of traditional spindles, or do want to create a more open space with glass panels?

If you choose traditional spindles, you’ll need to decide on their material and style next. You could opt for a simple squared wooden spindle or a gorgeous, twisted metal alternative, the options are endless. 

What about your treads & risers?

No matter how you choose to style your treads and risers, you need to remember they will experience lots of wear and tear due to the amount of footfall. Therefore, you need to make sure your style choice is durable. 

Options for your steps include carpet, carpet runner, tiles, or even cladding. 

Designing your dream staircase

Ultimately, your staircase is one of the most used features within your home. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure it withstands the test of time while looking great and fitting your own personal style.