This holiday season, purchase winter accessories. You might already have an idea of the winter accessories that will impress your gift recipients, but we bet you haven’t thought of everything. Even if you’ve thought of some great ideas, we bet you can do better. 

Understanding the difference between fashionable winter accessories and those that blend style with functionality is the key to excellent winter accessory gifting. Here us out; the best winter accessory gifts are those that are made to outlast winter weather conditions. If you’re not sure what that looks like, we’ve got you covered. 

Beyond the winter knits, what even is there? Well, there’s a lot more to consider. Before settling on that boring winter scarf, consider wholesale winter accessories for gifting and donations, and give those on your list something truly special. Here’s a helpful guide to wholesale winter accessories, whether you’re gifting friends and family or shopping for kind donations. 

Winter Beanies

When shopping for winter accessories, you want to choose items that serve multiple purposes. For instance, don’t just get someone a pair of mittens they can wear on a chilly day; if they go skiing, they’ll probably want gloves or water-resistant mittens. Your wool mittens are great for a typical day, but they’ll likely not serve well in the snow.

The same goes for winter hats! Choose wholesale winter accessories for gifting and donations, like winter beanies that are fashionable and practical for winter sports. Look for fabrics that are soft to the touch but capable of keeping your head warm on the slopes. Try sherpa fabric or moisture-wicking fabrics like ripstop nylon. 

Puffer-Style Mittens For Warmth And Style 

So, you have already heard about our gripe with standard wool mittens. Knowing there are better options, we suggest you consider alternatives like puffer-style mittens. Not only are wholesale winter accessories for gifting and donations like puffer-style mittens insulating (meaning that they keep your hands warm and trap body heat), but they’re also moisture-wicking which means that they won’t trap moisture from the air, snow, or rain this winter season. 

Whether you’re spending the afternoon building a snowman or getting ready to go ice climbing, you’re all set with these babies. Give the gift of a winter accessory like puffer mittens; they are sure to impress. Plus, puffer jackets are in, so what better way to accessorize a puffer jacket than with a matching pair of puffer-style mittens? 

Hair-Protecting Winter Headbands 

Winter does not mesh well with hair. That’s why you need wholesale winter accessories for gifting and donations, such as hair-protecting winter headbands to keep flyaway hairs and frizz under control. Look for winter headbands made from fabrics that won’t cause hair static or frizzy hair. 

Luxurious fabrics like cashmere and even vintage cotton fabrics are exceptionally soft and can help keep hair under control. The design of the headbands you select will also influence how well hair is kept in check. Sleek designs with downwards threading can help one maintain the natural downward direction of how hair falls and prevent hat hair from developing while the headband is worn. With wholesale winter accessories for gifting and donations made of these considerations, your gift recipient will avoid all kinds of crazy-looking hair outcomes when they take their headband off. 

If shopping for items made from luxury fabrics sounds pricey, there’s no need to worry. When you shop in bulk, you can find fabric suppliers that offer affordable discounts on luxury finds like cashmere wholesale winter accessories for gifting and donations. It’s all about knowing how to shop to get the gifts you want this year. 

Velvet Winter Accessories

If the option presents itself, choose velvet as your material of choice for gift recipients that enjoy walking, running, or doing intense winter sports. Velvet is stretchy, helping the wearer maintain the flexibility they need to move naturally. It is also effective at trapping body heat, keeping the wearer comfortable under severe weather conditions. For wholesale winter accessories for gifting and donations like hats, gloves, scarves, and vests, velvet materials are the way to go! For the runner in your life, look for velvet reflective gloves so that they can go jogging in the dark and still be seen by cars and those passing by. 

Gifts For Donations

When you’re done shopping for your friends and family, consider the winter accessories you’ll purchase for donation gifts. Those in need are looking for winter accessories to serve them this winter. Any of the aforementioned gifts would be perfect, but it’s best to be thoughtful about the gifts you’re donating. Consider what those in need may truly want or need this season and decide on winter accessory gifts from there. In addition to any of the gifts above, think about any other wholesale winter accessories for gifting and donations you would want if you didn’t have them. 

What might come to mind may include: 

  • Fuzzy socks or warm wool socks 
  • Wool neck scarves or ski masks 
  • Waterproof earmuffs 
  • Winter ponchos 
  • Thermoses and warm beverage tumblers 
  • Hand warmers 
  • Long johns or thermal underlayers 

Shop Wholesale Merchandise And Save Big On Winter Accessories 

For donations and family gifts, shop wholesale winter accessories for gifting and donations to get the most value for your money. You can shop for wholesale scarves to earmuffs and obtain bulk merchandise that is not only high-quality and perfect for gift-giving, but because it will be in bulk, you’ll save tons of money in the process. As you treat others this holiday season, don’t forget to treat yourself as well and save money by shopping for wholesale winter accessories for gifting and donations when you can. 

Shop For Winter Accessories That Everyone Will Love 

Consider the suggestions above as you shop for holiday gifts and donations this year. Everyone deserves the gift of warmth and fashion combined. With wholesale winter accessories for gifting and donations, you can give everyone you’re shopping for the gift of style and warmth.