A Guide to Selling Skincare Products to Boost Your Aesthetics Center’s Revenue Potentials

Most people serious about looking younger and more beautiful get professional treatments from aesthetics clinics to have healthier, better-looking skin.

However, many patients want to maintain and enhance the treatment results they get from the clinic.

This is a fact that owners of aesthetics centers can leverage to their benefit by selling a selection of skincare products.

According to a trusted skincare products distributor, you can increase your revenues by selling a carefully selected assortment of skin and beauty items if you own an aesthetics center. 

Compared to facial treatment devices, you do not need a significant outlay to purchase cosmetic products to sell. This allows you to choose the best items and buy more of them to stock at lower prices.

Additionally, since skincare products tend to be more affordable than in-clinic professional treatments, patients are more likely to buy them. Because of this, you have more chances of selling them, particularly if you employ the right steps for marketing them.

These two can help you increase your practice’s revenues and profits even at a low outlay.

Increasing Sales of Skincare Products in Aesthetics Clinics

Below are some tips for selling skincare products in your aesthetics center:

  1. Know your customers’ needs.

The great thing about selling skincare products in an aesthetics clinic is that you already have a ready group of buyers: your regular and new patients.

Your customer demographics can help you know the common pain points or skin problems they have. This can enable you to choose the right skincare products you should sell in your clinic.

Skincare products come in different price ranges. Knowing the typical income or budget of your patients also allows you to select which brands and types of items to stock in your practice that you can be sure customers can and will buy.

This will help you avoid investing in products that might end up collecting dust on your shelves and lead to a waste of money.

  1. Select which skincare products to sell wisely.

Once you have a clear picture of your customers’ needs, you can look into the possible brands and products to sell.

Go online to get a list of suppliers you can get your skincare products from. Make sure the brand has many items suitable for your established categories and customers.

Examples of skincare niches you can highlight in your clinic are luxury, socially conscious and specialist products.

Also, ensure the suppliers have the appropriate licenses and meet the legal and compliance requirements regarding health and safety standards in the country you are selling in.

You have to check the materials the suppliers use to produce their products and their track record regarding shipping speed, regardless of the customer’s location.

It is important that you take plenty of time to look into these different factors to ensure you sell safe, effective products that will boost your practice’s revenue potential.

  1. Focus on marketing each product’s benefits.

To sell your skincare products, you have to prioritize marketing the solutions they offer and the benefits of using them.

Customers usually focus on the appealing details of products, which include their benefits and special features. Making it easy for them to read or hear these pieces of information can give them a gentle nudge toward making a purchase.

Additionally, your clinic patients and other customers are not only beauty-conscious; they are health-conscious as well. Because of this, highlighting the benefits of the skincare products and their individual ingredients can encourage them to buy what you’re recommending.

Ensure you keep this in mind when creating content for your marketing plan.

  1. Market your skincare products.

Aside from promoting your skincare products to your patients inside your clinic, widen your audience reach to increase your sales.

Aside from leveraging word-of-mouth marketing and audiovisual and print advertisements inside and outside your clinic, use various online tools to promote your products.

Invest in search engine optimization services to rank high on Google searches for your skincare products. Use social media to promote your offerings as well.

Request reviews and testimonials from patients who have used your skincare products and upload them on your website and social media accounts or pages.

Additionally, ask your patients and customers if you can repost their before and after photos and other pictures about using the products they shared online. These posts are valuable and effective social proof.

Lastly, consider working with a trustworthy and popular influencer. Working with one can give your aesthetics center more credibility as a retailer of skincare products.

  1. Create a loyalty and referral program.

Reward your patients who buy a specified number or amount of skincare products.

You can create and issue them loyalty cards to keep track of the points they earn for their purchases and know when they are eligible for a reward.

Give patients extra points when they refer new customers and extend this program to first-time buyers as well.

Get more out of this marketing strategy by constantly promoting it on your website, social media, and other online platforms.

With the right skincare products and marketing strategies, you can have additional revenue for your aesthetics clinic that will improve your bottom line and profits.