A Guide to Choosing The Best Western Shirts Women

Are you excited to spend your summer on a ranch? Well, special occasions call for specific outfits. The country staples worn by cowgirls and cowboys over the years have increased the popularity of western shirts. These apparels are stylish, durable, and perfectly fitted to blend in with nature and livestock. In order to make sure that you have the most memorable vacation, you must choose the best western shirts for women. 

Features that every western shirts woman must have 

With hypes in movies, the traditional old-west style is a classic. Though it gained popularity at the starting of the 18th century, fashion designers and movie franchises have also played a massive role in making it more mainstream. Here is a list of features that you must look for in a western shirts women to ensure that it is an authentic one.

One of the most common features of western womens cowboy shirts is the back yoke, which often identifies the shirt as western.

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  • Embellishment

    When it comes to embellishments, the western shirts women display a wide range. Here, you will find lace, rhinestones, and many more types. The origin of the decoration stems from the need to stand out back in that era.

    For women, there are different types of embellishments. In most cases, the sleeves, yoke, and cuff are adorned with these embellishments. Moreover, weaving of the back and front can also occur with fringe or lace. You can also personalize the type you want to create an extra unique look.
  • Western yoke

    One of the most characteristic features of western shirts women is the presence of the Western yoke. Are you wondering what a western yoke is? Well, the yoke is actually the shirt’s back, and it is where the back and front panel meets.

    The yokes on the western shirts are curved. Moreover, they also display embellishments. If the shirt exhibits yokes that are stitched on the shoulder part, then that is not an original western shirt.
  • Embroidery

    The most distinguishing trait of western shirts is the beautiful embroidery work. Here, you will observe gorgeous treading coupled with creative stitching patterns. Here, highlights are present in the cuffs, yoke, and sleeves of the shirt. In some cases, the embroidery is present on the back and front too.

    The contrast in the colour of the stitches ensures that they stand out from the fabric. Here, the patterns are main stars, crosses, swirls, and paisleys. Moreover, you can also find embroidery in the pocket of the shirt.
  • Pearl snaps

    One of the most intriguing differences between regular shirts and western shirts for women is the buttons. In the case of traditional shirts, the buttons, simply move through the hole. But, in western-style shirts, you will come across buttons that snap when connected. Moreover, pearl detailing on the button is common.

    These pearl buttons are also present on the collars and cuffs of the Western shirts. If you want a dash of sparkle, then you can integrate rhinestones into the snaps to create a dazzling look.
  • Smile pockets

    Smile pockets are unique to Western shirts. The name fits perfectly with the feature as these are stitches opening that leads to a particular pocket. These are designed in the shape of a smile. These pockets are of two distinct types – functional or decorative.

The stitching, in this case, is always in an attractive bright shade that contrasts with the colour of the shirt.These are some of the features that you can look out for in western shirts women. Keep in mind that you can choose from a wide variety of online replica lawn dresses. You can pair this up with big belts with buckles and denim jeans. Moreover, for extra authenticity, add cowboy boots and wide hats. With this style, you can experience country life like never before.