A Guide to Buying the Best Aesthetic Gifts for Christmas for Your Fashionable Friends and Family

Some people are easy to buy Christmas presents for, friends and family who you know well and are assured that your approach to getting them the ideal gift for their tastes will go smoothly as always.

Then, on the other hand, you may have friends and family who are very picky and will not react well to any gift that comes short of their expectations. To top it all off, they tend to be the people who also give great presents, leaving you feeling inadequate and predictable.

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This year can be different; below; you’ll find a list of ways to shop effectively as well as some great aesthetically pleasing gifts that even your most fashionable loved ones will be left with their mouths open in awe as they tear away the gift wrapping.

There are a number of ways to cater for those who have an eye for the more luxurious items, as well as general tips for keeping prices manageable; here are a few to get you started.

Looking for Luxury? Shop Online

When it comes to shopping online, there are some niches and markets, such as for instance jewelry, that are just less expensive online. So if you have loved ones and family members who love the finer things in life, you can accommodate their hopes by buying via the internet instead of being ripped off on the high street.

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Make Use of Pre-Christmas Sales (and Especially Black Friday)

If you want to please everyone with a great selection of high-end gifts, then you really need to do your shopping way in advance in order to keep the costs down. Now, if you can plan effectively, you can look to use Black Friday as the perfect time to stock up on items at a fraction of the cost usually associated with the presents you want to get hold of.

Take a look at what deals are out there and if a specific online store has truly crazy prices, then try to do as much of your shopping there and then. Don’t waste time but do the research and find out where you can get the right gifts at the right price. 

Though Black Friday deals indeed sell out in seconds, you just need to be ready and waiting to be the first in the queue. Take time out of your schedule and approach the process in as efficient and professional a way as possible. This is not an exercise; it’s the real deal. Missing out on that great deal is not an option. You got this! 

Find Out What They Want

If you are buying presents for those with expensive tastes, you are best off asking them specifically what they want. Spending large sums on a gift that turns out to be entirely wrong will not only prove disastrous, but it will also be financial suicide. 

There’s no shame or stigma about asking people to tell you what they’d like, and frankly, it’s an exercise that many more people should consider. The issues around Christmas are hard enough to manage without second-guessing what people might like to receive this festive season.

Manage Expectations

If your children, or close family members, ask for presents that are just too expensive, then you should feel comfortable enough to explain the reality of the situation. Managing expectations is a better way to deal with the situation than building up debt. 

Explain, if necessary, that you may not be able to get precisely the gift they want but could look to get something similar or an alternative present. 

Set an Overall Budget and Save Ahead of Time

Put money aside for your Christmas shopping, if possible do so way in advance, that way when it comes to spending you won’t feel the pinch quite so much. Work out what you can afford to spend and then make a list of items and deal with them in an ordered fashion, perhaps starting with the smallest items first.

Consider getting one single present for an individual rather than a collection of them, that will make the bigger present seem more luxurious as it will stand alone. This, of course, works best if it’s definitely a gift they were desperate to get this year. 

Take advantage of all the discounts possible, be it coupon codes, cashback from credit cards or split payments with 0% interest.

Consider More Personalized Gifts

One option to make less expensive gifts more special is to make them more personal in nature. For instance, you could look to get a picture book/photo album for one portion of your family, one that includes personal messages and packs an emotional punch but won’t break the bank.

If you are creatively minded, you can also look to make gifts or package them in such a way that shows you put additional effort into the occasion. If you happen to be hosting the family this year, then in many ways, that should mean giving fewer presents as you are putting in a great deal of work taking care of them and hosting them over the festive period, and that’s got to be worth something!