Not every treatment would require you to get hospitalized. Some of them can be done only by visiting OPD. Out-Patient Delivery (OPD) is where the small and basic treatments are done. You can straightaway head to an OPD, pay a consultation fee to the Doctor and get the necessary medical assistance or treatment. 

Many health insurance companies cover OPD in the policy. Once you buy the OPD cover, you will be able to file your claim for the expenses that you had to bear when you visited the OPD and took treatment. The OPD coverage provided by the health insurance companies covers the minor procedures and diagnostic charges, and even the cost of medicines. The unique feature of any OPD cover is that the sum insured under an OPD cover is calculated depending on the age of the policyholder. Therefore, we can understand that buying an OPD cover will help you to get extra financial protection.

Why do you need an OPD cover?

Whether you believe it or not, OPD cover health insurance can be a great help to you. Wondering how? Here are some reasons:

  • Lack of health records: When you have an OPD cover, you can maintain your health records. You can avail of the best outpatient treatment without worrying about any operational flaw.
  • Increasing need: The majority of us these days have a sedentary lifestyle because of which we develop several diseases. This may need you to visit the doctor often. In one such situation, an OPD cover can be of great help.

Features of OPD health insurance cover

The features of an OPD health insurance are mentioned herein below:

  • The basic point of contact for medical treatment
  • Focuses on prevention of disease
  • Helps in screening as well as investigations for admission in hospital 
  • Easy access to medical practitioners
  • Ideal for vaccinations and general disease prevention.

Advantages of OPD cover in health insurance

While you are planning to buy an OPD health insurance cover, you must know the benefits. Here are some of them mentioned:

  • Additional coverage: As you purchase an OPD cover along with health insurance, you get extra protection which you will not get with the regular plans.
  • Cashless facility: Many health insurance companies provide with a cover for OPD benefit under the cashless scheme along with an additional premium.
  • Sum insured: The health insurance plans that come with OPD benefit have a sum insured, which depends on the age of the policyholder. If the policy is a family floater, the age of the eldest member of the family will be considered.
  • Better benefits in tax: The health insurance policies that cover the expenses of OPD come with better tax benefits, which one will get in the form of tax exemption on the premium that they pay. 
  • Several claims: The policyholders are allowed to claim for the reimbursements as many times as they want, of course when the expenses have been made.
  • Reimbursement of Pharmacy Bills: Health insurance policy with OPD cover helps in reimbursing pharmacy bills. Therefore, you do not have to think a lot while paying the regular pharmacy bills.
  • Multiple expenses coverage: Health insurance policies that come with OPD benefits provide coverage on several medical bills. Medical bills even on spectacles, dentures, hearing aid, crutches, contact lenses, etc. are covered. 
  • Carry forward: You may find some health insurance companies which enable fixed, a particular percentage of the sum insured which can be carried forward if the cover is not utilized during the policy term.

Now to check the health insurance policies that provide OPD cover, you can visit the website of the IIFL.