A Guide On Beginner Friendly Pool Cue To Try

If you’re puzzling over taking billiards as knowledgeable sport and it’s just not a time pass game which you prefer to play at the local bar maybe, investing in a very good quality sports implement stick and not wiggling with some old warped stick will certainly be an honest decision. It also plays a major role in elevating your gaming skills.

You do not must spend thousands of dollars if you wish to shop for a decent quality pool stick. Several good pool cues are often available under $100.

There are various sorts of pools sticks and you need to choose the one which can cater to your requirements and your taste.

If you are doing not have a correct idea regarding which sort of pool cue to shop for, you ought to consider reading our article where we’ve got given an inventory of the highest 10 pool cues which are available under the worth of $100 and that we have also described the features present in every cue with their pros and cons.

Factors to seem at while buying the beginner friendly cue

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert within the field of playing billiards and you’re thinking of shopping for easy and super affordable cue and brand-new sports implement stick, you actually must know some factors and consider them before investing your money. The factors that you just should consider are as follows:

  • Budget: The very first factor that you simply should consider is your budget – the number of cash that you simply are able to Invest. you are doing not must spend thousands of dollars in buying an honest cue stick. Our article mainly emphasizes the great quality pool cues which you’ll be able to get your hands on cheaper ones.
  • Brand: If you’re investing your money into buying something, you expect that the merchandise will last for an extended time. For this reason, buying products from well-known brands is vital.
  • Some brands which give good quality pool stick sticks are Cuesoul, Viper, TGA Sports, Ignat Games then on.
  • Performance: the type of sports implement stick you ought to buy depends on the type of performance you’re expecting from it.
  • The more professional players tend to shop for a classy cue for the higher performance that it’ll provide. If you’re a whole beginner, you’ll consider buying a pool stick with a mediocre performance for your learning purposes.
  • Style: the look, Color and magnificence of a sports implement which has nothing to try and do with its performance should be the last priority while buying it.
  • If you’re someone who doesn’t wish to use a basic pool cue, you’ll be able to consider buying a cue stick that’s more stylish and has ornate designs but which will definitely cost you more cash.


A cue may be a basic accessory that an individual who plays pool regularly should own. this text helped you to grasp about beginner friendly cue stick that you simply can get into the market and also gives you the rules that you just should consider while buying it.


Which sports implement is nice for an intermediate player?

The Iszy Billiards 2-piece break pool stick set may be a good cue for an intermediate player.

What are pool cues made of?

Generally, pool cues are made from straight-grained hard maple wood.

What is the most effective length for a pool cue?

The best length for a pool stick is 58 inches.