A Guide About 5 Best Kratom Strains

People usually take up or practice using Kratom to enhance mood and relevant dosage is taken up by people to lift up the mood. Whereas some take an increased amount of it in order to bring sedative effects. This Kratom supplement helps people to develop a feeling of euphoria, which is a feeling of joy, happiness, and well-being that further brings in mental and physical excitement which helps such people to deal with issues like anxiety and depression.

How Does Kratom help in creating Euphoria?

Based on the research conducted by the Food and Gru Administration, it has an agonist which brings together the mu-opioid in the brain. These receptors work while taking opioids that include heroin as well.

The Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine in it is basically attached to the receptor which deals with the opioid that helps with the process of managing pain, in turn causing the perception of pai to decrease.

The alkaloids that are present in Kratom are related to the effects of euphoric. However, the research shows that the supplement carrying mitragynine basically forms energy to ensure a feeling of euphoria in a person. Whereas on the other hand, 7-hydroxy mitragynine works to ensure satisfaction that arises during the feeling of euphoria.

Kratom over the years has gained popularity to deal with opioid conditions. This herb further helps in controlling the chronic pain which are related to conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Top 5 Best Strains to Develop Euphoria

  1. White Maeng Da Kratom

This strain is used as the pills of it provide the ease of digestion. It is popular to be known as the most potent kratom strains to cause euphoria which can help a person to increase the pleasure in them and boost up their energy.

It has high stimulation that can in return be overwhelming for the beginners who used it. It is majorly recognized as one of the best Kratom strains for causing euphoria among those who are used to it with this strain.

  • Green Malay Kratom

Other than the white one, this Green Malay Kratom is also considered to be the best in order to elevate human mood and to develop euphoria. It is one of the most efficient strains in creating motivation, stimulation, relaxation, and focus. It provides the entire package for people in terms of its effective effects.

Unlike other strains, this strain is not only overwhelming but powerful too at the same time. Consumption of this strain brings in effects within the first ten minutes and the effects of it lasts for more than four hours in the body. It is the effective strain in terms of the results it brings in for people.

  • Red Bali Kratom

Amongst the strains this is the popular one that grows from adult trees present in the province of Hongkong or at the border of Bali.Due to the weather conditions the colors of its leaves tend to be dark green or more towards reddish hue.

Red Bali Kratom provides people with numerous effects that include the feeling of relaxation, relief in anxiety, and also works best with pain. This strain is considered to be more potent than the green and white one. For beginners, this is the best strain to consume in order to experience its effects.

  • White Borneo

Amongst all the strains, this strain works satisfactorily in ensuring energy and developing euphoria effects. This one strain is highly famous for being used as a source to uplift one’s mood, providing pain relief, stimulating energy, and developing a euphoric effect in the body of a person.

Amongst the Borneo family, this one is effective and considered to be an accurate one for euphoria.

  • Red Malay

It is a variation of a red strain and is firmly regarded as best for euphoric and sedative. The long lasting effect of it helps in ensuring less fatigue and restricts the person to take up an additional dose. In short, it provides people with the most soothing effect.

Kratom Dose for Developing Euphoria

It is advisable that every strain of Kratom should be taken carefully with careful investigation and study of its does in order to avoid and negative side effects, The effect of negative effects should be taken in consideration properly to ensure that consumption of Kratom provides you with a pleasant feeling and delivers the results for which it is taken.

To get the desired results it is better to take up the intake to smaller amounts and gradually increase once it starts to work well with your body. The amount of dose can be increased once the body gets adapted to the particular type of strain and provides you with the desired results. A person should be careful about the amount of dose as the suitability varies from person to person.

The relevant type of kratom which can be used by one should be thoroughly looked upon so that a profound and correct decision can be made. This is because Kratom is basically a herb that helps people to connect and ensure their inner peace is taken care of and brings happiness to them by working on elevating their mood.

However, to randomly guide and give a general insight which can turn out to be a helpful source the types of dosage are explained below which gives a general overview.


For those who have just started off with Kratom, the ideal dosage would consist of one or two grams of it that will provide a subtle result. This amount of dose will provide a smaller level of effect and increase the mood within the first half an hour of its consumption.


However, if within the first half an hour if you do not get the result that you desired for and are still feeling reckless, then you can add by taking another two to three grams of it. This will help in getting the pleasure which is expected from the consumption of Kratom.

Strong Dosage

After taking up the moderate dose if the reckless condition still persists then after taking the moderate dose one should wait for fifteen to thirty minutes more and if the result is still the same, then taking another one to four grams would create a strong effect.

It is considered an ideal level of dose for experiencing full strength of Kratom. Those people who want to get most out of it and relax their chronic pain will usually opt for a strong dose. This strong dose also helps in withdrawing the effect of opiates.

Very Strong Dose

Nine grams of Kratom is part of a very strong dose and is considered the dangerous one which can also be the reason for developing harmful side effects. It is essential for one to know that abstaining from taking such a strong dose is required for a while to reset the tolerance level. Those who have tried it, also provide a solution that people can switch to other strains that can be helpful for them as well.