Gem astrology has been used to explain the importance of various gems. Each zodiac symbol is allocated a gem, which is linked to a planet. According to Vedic Numerology, if a planet is weak in your star sign and you’re not having positive results then you must carry a gemstone associated with that planet. This will eventually fix your issues. Purchasing and carrying a gemstone from Khannagems is unquestionably an identical astrological advantage as shown by your zodiac sign or planet. But, until you put it on, consult a good astrologer to reduce the negative effects. The following are a few gemstones that have been mentioned: –

  1. Ruby

Choosing to wear Manikya Ratna or ruby gemstone has a number of benefits according to Gemstone Numerology. In the corporate world a person carrying ruby experiences prosperity The individual gains notoriety and popularity as a result of the gem’s presence, and he or she becomes the public’s or society’s leader. From a medical standpoint, Manikya/Ruby has several strengths. It removes the person’s vision problems and physical disabilities.

Wearing Approach: The ruby should be carried in a gold ring on Monday, Thursday or, Sunday, according to gemstone numerology. Until carrying Ruby, it should be purified with Gangajal. Keep in mind that it should come into contact with your skin. At the very minimum of 5 carats of Manikya must be worn. You can carry 2 carats of Ruby if possible.

  • Pearl

Those who carry the pearl gem have a peaceful marriage relationship, as per Gems Numerology. Owning a pearl purifies a person’s thoughts. It also facilitates the treatment of a variety of biological ailments. Popular astrologers agree that people who carry pearls have fewer bladder and blood-related problems. Despite the reality that pearls should not be adorned without astrological suggestions, there are several exceptional cases.

Wearing Approach: When carrying this stone, appropriate instructions and measures should be implemented. On Monday, Shukla Paksha, the pearl should be carried in a silver ring like those fine pearl jewellery. You may carry a 3-carat pearl or a 5-carat pearl, paying particular attention to an astrologer’s advice.

  • Coral

Each person carrying coral has a strong degree of confidence. Throughout her or his career, she or he remains cheerful and focused on achieving her or his goal. That is why an individual achieves accomplishment in his initiatives. According to astrology, anyone wearing coral would be blessed by the planet Mars. A person who wears coral does not develop skin or blood problems. It keeps our body’s temperature in a healthy range.

Wearing Approach: Coral should be carried in the correct manner. Wearing it in a gold ring is gaining momentum. Mostly on the ring finger, the coral ring should be carried. As per astrological conversations, you may carry 3 carats of coral or 5 Ratti of coral.

  • Emerald

Choosing to wear emerald enhances the wearer’s fortune and influence of the wearer on the community or the public. Emerald-wearing individuals see further progress in their careers. An individual may also achieve progress in the academic sector. Emerald can secure a pregnant lady’s childbirth if she wears it. According to Vedic Numerology, the authentic emerald plays an important role in achieving positive results associated with the planet “Mercury.” When your Mercury planet is weak, you may carry this emerald at that time.

Wearing Approach: The methodology for carrying emerald between the gemstones has been portrayed, and therefore we have to carry it as suggested by something like this. Panna should be encircled by a gold or silver ring. You may purify this precious stone with Ganga water and carry it on Wednesday during the early morning in the Shukla paksha of the month. Through consulting an astrologer from Khannagems, you may carry a 2-carat emerald, 7-carat emerald, or 5-carat emerald.

  • Yellow Sapphire

If Jupiter isn’t powerful sufficiently in your horoscope, you must carry this jewel. This stone is extremely beneficial in the context of academic achievement. Choosing to wear Yellow Sapphire could help to resolve issues in one’s relationship or difficulties with childbirth. The individual gains adequate benefits in the financial and health divisions as a result of the influence of this gemstone.

The method of implementation: Yellow sapphire should be placed in a silver or gold ring in the Shukla paksha following the astrological consultation on Thursday after early morning. 5 carats of yellow sapphire, 7 carats of yellow sapphire, 2 carats of yellow sapphire, or 3 carats of yellow sapphire could be worn.

  • White Topaz

White Topaz is known to possess qualities such as internal pleasure, sculpture, and love in gemstone numerology. Its influence gradual economic prosperity, creative accomplishment, and marital and romantic satisfaction. If you work in the fashion world, music industry, or engage in other creative endeavors, this gem will be incredibly beneficial to you. White topaz is also beneficial to one’s wellbeing. In terms of care, it is often thought to be beneficial to the urinary process and reproduction ability

Wearing Approach: On Friday evening in the Shukla paksha, white topaz should be carried in a gold, silver, or Panchdhatu ring. In any scenario, until carrying this, you must first consider the advice of an astrologer.

  • Blue Sapphire

Throughout Saturn’s Sade Sati and Saturn Dhaiya, choosing to wear Blue Sapphire is an extremely effective and precise remedy. When Saturn is enhanced in a person’s horoscope and they carry Blue Sapphire and they can achieve good results. Income inequality is eradicated from a person’s future and their fitness enhances as a result of Sapphire’s effects. The individual’s life expectancy increases and his fate improves as well.

Wearing Guidance: When carrying blue sapphire, you can seek advice from an astrologer. During the setting sun on Saturday, the blue sapphire in a silver ring can be placed on your middle finger. You must chant the Shani mantra several times before wearing the gem. As shown by your feasibility, you may carry 7-carat blue sapphires, 2-carat blue sapphires, 3-carat blue sapphires, or 5-carat blue sapphires. You may be willing to suspect that these jewels are truly extraordinary, and you would be right. This post just covers the outline of the gems’ antiquity; there is so much more to learn about them.