A definitive Guide Paper Sizes when Designing a Brochure

Standard & International Brochure Formats and Dimensions

A brochure is one of the best parts of a marketing campaign. People release flyers, brochures, and pamphlets to win a competitive edge in the industry. Also, they are comparatively cheap and worth it. Hence, it becomes essential for you to what paper brochure size you need to use to design a brochure.

Of course, paper size isn’t the only thing. Paperweight is another essential. However, today I want to make sure that you get complete information on how brochure paper size can have a bearing on the aesthetics of the masterpiece you will design.

Should you choose Bigger or smaller pages?

Without getting into the dimensions first, you do need to keep in mind certain aspects of the size of the paper. You are an entrepreneur and want to get your message across. In common parlance, you will always see small-sized papers used as brochure sizes for messages which are small and can get across easily. 

For a good brochure, you can choose a little bit bigger than a small one. Small brochure sizes can look oversaturated with content even if you can save money here. With bigger sizes, you can let your creativity do the work. 

However, if you want to broadcast some information related to your product, a small brochure size can come in handy and prove to be a smart move.

Let us now get into the dimensions part

  • A3 (Dimensions: 16.54 inches x 11.69 inches)

This paper is big! If you want to focus mainly on visual impact, this size will be the best for you. However, here the quality of images and illustrations has to be taken care of since this is a priority. 

Filling this up with written content will not do you any good. If you have a series of products that you want to showcase, your best bet would be an A3 brochure size

If you have some technology-related products or if you are in the automobile sector, your potential customers or viewers will appreciate visual treats.

  • A4 (Dimensions: 11.69 inches x 8.27 inches)

Yes, A4 size is the most used brochure size used in the world. Ranging from official documents to brochures designs and flyers design, this size is definitely worth it. Also, people are comfortable with A4 sizes. 

It is essentially A3 size paper folded. Use this paper if you have enough to show consumers. There is a good space for exercising your creativity here. If you are a travel agency, you can make the best use of mesmerizing images on an A4 brochure size.

  • A5 (Dimensions: 8.27 inches x 5.83 inches)

Fold an A4 size in half, and you get an A5. As you can see, the breadth of the A4 size paper becomes the length of the A5 size paper. This is why numbers are allotted. Increasing numbers means decreasing size. 

If you do not want to go for a big size A4 paper, you can go for A5. This will allow you to balance your written content while exercising creativity. In simple words, there is still good room for creativity here. 

You can drop down to A5 if you want to showcase some relevant information about your product or its features. This brochure size also serves well for travel and tourism brochures.

  • DL (210 mm x 99 mm)

Are you aiming for a direct mail campaign? Though such campaigns are outdated with the evolution of technology, this type of campaign is still useful. It is a door-to-door campaign where you target customers with offers and new launches. You still get from a new shopping mall! 

DL is actually one-third A4 size which can easily get into an envelope. It just means combine 3 DLs to make an A4. What does DL stand for? It is Dimension lengthwise. 

This is generally used as flyer or pamphlet size.

  • Square

This is a new trend now. It offers a minimalistic and elegant design. The dimensions can be customized the way you prefer them on this wesbite. What’s special is the square shape here. This shape will help your brochure stand out from the rest. 

For instance, you could use this size if you want to promote a spa or some ladies segment. The fonts could be all cursive, and pink color could be used. One can check out a lot of ways it can make this look creative and awesome.

  • Letter size ((Dimensions: 11 inches x 8.5 inches)

This size is more prevalent in European countries. However, you can consider using this as brochure size worldwide. You can take it as a wider and shorter A4 size paper. This is actually the standard followed by the North American content for their brochures. 

You can consider it a healthy alternative to A3 size paper. You can play around with different colors, experiment with different images, and see for yourself what looks best!

  • Tabloid (Dimensions: 17 inches x 11 inches)

This is actually a poster size or, as the name suggests- tabloid size. You can get 2 letter sizes out of tabloid size. 

This is mainly for stunning photography. In case you love photography, you should definitely consider using this as this can represent your life’s best work. To add a more professional look, you can add social media buttons and contact information. 

Now, there are some other things you do need to consider apart from paper sizes.

Resolution: For a high-quality image, 300 dpi is recommended

Paperweight: thick, sturdy paper

Color model: CMYK for print, RGB for web

Folds: unfolded or folded

Paper type: Matte finish or glossy finish

Final thought!

If you want to get help designing brochures or any help regarding pamphlet size, you can contact the best Brochure Designers..

Now that you have an idea about the paper sizes, start thinking about how to design a brochure. The message that you get across and the impact that you are able to create brochures really matter.

Hope this helps!