8-inch wigs fall in the category of short wigs and are useful for almost any type of hairstyle you would love to achieve. Although 8 inch wigs are short, these wigs are slightly longer than pixie-cut wigs. Hence, they are more versatile enough to ensure you can explore different hairstyles with the wig. Thеsе wigs arе not nеw in thе markеt,  but if you want to know morе about thеm,  you arе in thе right placе.  This articlе will dеlvе into thеir fеaturеs,  typеs,  and how you can maintain thеm. 

What Are the Features of 8-Inch Wigs?

The length of this kind of wig stays above the shoulder, which bestows a dashing feeling. The length can be styled in various ways. These 8-inch wigs can fit- into any style of your choice, either shiny and straight or full curves.

An 8-inch wig can look like genuine hair. These wigs are cautiously produced with top-notch human hair fibers that have a touch and movement similar to genuine human hair. This produces a natural blend that enhances your beauty.

In addition, the 8-inch wig is best known for its lightweight feature. This is nice; this distinct feature allows the user to wear them for a long period without changing or making the scalp tight. These wigs are appropriate as they allow you to participate in occasions or perform your normal daily activities without having any problem in any way.

Lastly, as far as maintenance and styling are concerned, they are also appropriate. Less time is needed to take care of smaller wigs as they are shorter compared to some longer ones. Also, other styling choices like washing, brushing, and heat-stylist can be done effortlessly using an 8-inch wig. 

What Are the Types of 8-Inch Wigs?

The 8-inch wig is a typical and versatile product. The following are some types of these wigs presently available in the market.

Straight 8-inch wig: classic style is timeless and gives a sleek look. It is suitable for individuals who want a simple and stylish look.

Curly 8-inch wig: The 8-inch curly wig will give some volume and movement to your hair. It gives you an effortless, bright, and stylish look in no time.

Bob style 8-inch wig: Bob maintains its timeless style while also remaining fashionably current. You can appear sophisticated by wearing an 8 inches long bob wig, and it is suitable for any occasion. 

Examples of Luvme Hair 8-inch Wig

Salt & Pepper Beginner Friendly Glueless Bob Wig With Bangs 

Slicked-Back Short Cut Curly Compact 13X4 Frontal Lace Wig

Water Wave C Parted Glueless Undetectable Minimalist Lace Wig With Bangs

1Pc Pre-plucked Body Wave Frontal Lace

Casual Bouncy Curly 4×4 Closure Lace Glueless Short Wig With Bangs

Glueless 13×4 Frontal Lace Ear-to-ear Natural Black Bob Wigs with Bangs

How to Maintain 8-Inch Wigs?

Maintaining 8-inch wigs requires proper care and attention to ensure their longevity and natural appearance. This implies that extra care is needed when handling your wigs.

Brush the strands with either a wide toothcomb or a brush specially designed for human hair wigs. Always start from the tip and gradually work your way up so as to avoid any knots.

Washing your 8-inch wig is also an important process for preserving its quality. Ensure that you use a mild shampoo specially designed for wigs with warm water. 

You should also think of oiling or spray conditioning your wig after you have washed it so as to return moisture and avoid dryness. Put a moderate quantity of conditioner from mid-shaft to ends and not at roots so that they may hold their weightlessness. Ensure you leave it on for several minutes and then rinse away well.

Use a towel to remove excess water from the wig by blotting, not wringing or rubbing it. Excessive heat drying is not a suitable procedure to adopt in drying your wigs; instead, use a hair dryer or a hair iron at a relatively low temperature.

What Are the Benefits of Luvme Hair 8-Inch Wigs?

Different Options

Irrespective of your hair texture, there is something for you. You can explore different options like curls, waves and straight. In addition, it has other options like colors, styles (for example lace fronts) and baby hairs. 


One of the perks of choosing an 8-inch wig is the versatility. You will enjoy the convenience, natural styling and suitability for any occasion. This wig offer different choices; polished, curls, wavy and straight. 


In addition, you will enjoy the quality nature of 8-inch wigs. They are made from quality materials so you will look durable and comfortable. The making process of the wig is so detailed and it shows on how the wig appears. 


An 8-inch wig has an easy maintenance process. The wig allows styling and care methods that will help you use the wig for a longer time. 

Where Can I Get 8-Inch Wigs?

To ensure your wig lasts for a long time, it is important that you buy from a correct source. Few things to guarantee you are buying from the right brand is reading reviews, and asking for recommendations. To save you the stress of looking for a reputable wig source, you can buy from brand like Luvme Hair. This wig brand offer different quality wig options at an affordable price. 


Whеn you arе about to buy a wig,  considеr an option that is pеrfеct for your nееds and prеfеrеncеs.  This will hеlp boost your lеvеl of confidеncе and improvе your sеlf-еstееm.  Onе of thе fеw wigs you can trust to offеr thеsе bеnеfits arе 8-inch wigs. This article has delved into essential things you need to know about the wig, you only need to buy and enjoy the wig.