A Comprehensive Guide to Appliance Care

General Electric appliances are a significant investment that you shouldn’t take for granted. As the owner, try to take care of them and maintain them properly. Remember, caring for these appliances will ensure their optimal performance. Also, keep in mind that some may require professional input. In this article, you’ll find care tips for five major home appliances.



Like a freezer, a refrigerator serves to keep food and drinks fresh all day long. Avoid placing your fridge close to a heat source or outdoors in the summer. Heat forces the appliance to overwork itself which invariably decreases energy efficiency. Furthermore, check the door seal from time to time to ensure the fridge door closes properly.

Another rule of thumb is to maintain a consistent temperature to prevent food spoilage. Don’t hesitate to consult the manufacturer’s manual for specific care tips. Before now, professional technicians had the monopoly for refrigerator repair works. Nowadays, owners can troubleshoot their refrigerators themselves to identify common problems. If you’re a DIYer, you’ll require the right tools and parts to undertake the fridge repair.

It’s preferable to get a technician to perform the sub-zero fridge repair if your old refrigerator malfunctions. Attempting a refrigerator repair can be dangerous. If your refrigerator is broken beyond repair, repurpose it for another use instead of throwing it away. This is important, especially for items that don’t have good resale value. Make a habit of repurposing old appliances for the sake of the environment. The same way a blender can serve as a lighting fixture, your broken fridge can serve as storage space for items you don’t need at the moment.

Air Conditioning Unit

There are many things you can do to ensure your air conditioner stays in good condition. Experts recommend performing routine maintenance on the air conditioning unit’s filters, fins, and coils. Failure to do so can lead to a decline in performance and increase energy costs. Regularly clean and change the air filters to improve the efficiency of your cooling system. Remember, dirty filters restrict normal airflow and significantly impact the unit’s efficiency. Cleaning or replacing a dirty filter will affect the air quality of your indoor environment.

Thoroughly clean the coils in the air conditioner to remove dirt and improve airflow. In addition, regularly reset the coil fins to their original position to allow for smooth passage of air through the coil. Finally, replace the old refrigerant with a new one to ensure the system produces cool air. Check out Byrd’s preventative maintenance program to learn more about an HVAC system and air conditioner maintenance.



A cooker is a critical component of every home, hence why it must always be in good condition. One crucial care tip for cookers is to keep them clean. This will help curb the growth of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. Like we’ve mentioned earlier, it makes sense to check the manufacturer’s manual to know how best to clean an appliance. Some cookers and ovens come with a self-cleaning feature. Always inspect the gas line to avoid leaks. If the gas line is worn out, consider replacing it immediately.

Washing Machine

Washing machines save us the hassle and time associated with manually washing our clothes. If you want your machine to last a long time, you must care for and maintain it properly. A washing machine requires routine maintenance to function optimally. This also reduces breakdowns and costly repairs.

Replace cracked water hoses to prevent leaking around the ends. Also, keep the lint filter clean to ensure the machine functions efficiently. Experts advocate keeping the lid open to prevent mildew and musty odors. Pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions on the proper mode of operation.