A Comprehensive Explanation of the PST Files

Emails are one of the most important aspects of the professional world. The use of different types of email platforms such as Outlook and Gmail became very common in the professional field, especially among businesses and organizations, leading to the requirement of various features that ensured data and user security. While boosting the platform, various data security models, as well as strategies, were generated for the benefit of the users. 

MS Outlook developers created and introduced the PST files to ensure robust access to the data throughout the entire platform. The PST file format is extremely effective at storing messages and data items from the MS software. If you want to know more about the PST files, you’re in the right place. Continue reading the article to know more information about the PST files. 

Introducing the PST Files 

When you include an email account in your system, you will be able to save various pieces of information across the system. Due to the availability of this option, users will be able to reap multiple benefits in terms of data accessibility and email management. As a user, you will also be able to access the email messages as well as the downloaded content from your email account. 

MS Outlook comes with some specific email accounts that will help the users store the data in the MS Outlook data files. These files are known as PST files. The Personal Storage Tables can be accessed by the user as an online storage medium. 

Users can use their MS Outlook account to create the PST files, which can also be used for copying or moving the attachments and email items from the local computer to the server mailbox. The PST files will also work as storage files that can store the attachments and other email items across the HDD or SSD of the computer. 

However, there are some other essential things you should know about the PST files:

  • They can be synched as per the email server. You will be able to access calendar events and emails even without having an internet connection. 
  • The PST files contain deleted emails and archived emails. 
  • The conversion of PST files to other supported formats is also possible. 
  • You can make the PST files password protected. 

If you want to use the PST files for storing the mailbox items of MS Outlook, you need to consider POP accounts as they are one of the most common accounts that are preferred by the users. 

Location and Storage Size of the PST Files 

The size of the MS Outlook PST files is not small. The PST files will manage all the content of your mailbox so that you can access them without facing any issues. Therefore, the PST files are capable of holding a huge amount of data. But the overall size limit of the PST files is not universal. The size limit of the PST files is dependent on the MS Outlook version you’re using. 

If you’re using MS Outlook 2003 and 2007, you won’t get more than 20GB of PST files. The size allocation has been increased to 50GB for Outlook 2010 and later versions. The size is also dependent on the needs of your business. 

While using the PST files, users should pay close attention so that they don’t end up over-sizing them. Oversized PST files are one of the most common causes of Outlook.PST file corruption. Apart from the size of the PST files, you also need to consider the location of the PST files which is decided by the Windows and Outlook versions. 

Fixing Corrupted PST Files 

While managing the PST files, you might face a situation where the PST files will be corrupted. Apart from the over-sizing of the PST files, various reasons can cause corruption. Attack of malware and hard disk failure is also two of the most common causes of PST file corruption. As per Computer Hope, a bad hard disk is super slow

When the PST files are corrupted, you won’t have any choice but to fix them. This is where the repair tools will come in handy. Make sure you choose the best PST file repair tool that will help you fix the PST file corruption. 

Pros and Cons of PST Files 

While using the PST files might seem beneficial, there are some specific drawbacks you need to keep in mind. Indeed, PST files won’t cause any issue while being accessed across various Outlook platforms, you also need to know that the access of the PST files is remote and quite limited. PST files will be able to help you store the attachments and mailbox items without any issue, but you also need to download the PST files locally so that you can update the content, which will create other problems for professional organizations. 


This is everything you need to know about PST files. If you’re facing PST file corruption and don’t know what to do, make sure you contact us.