A Complete Guide to Finding the Perfect Hotel in Orlando

When you visit Orlando, you want to stay in the perfect hotel. However, how do you go about finding this hotel, and what do you need to factor into your decision making? If you simply go for the first hotel that you see, you may end up disappointed. So, take time to research your options, and then you can make an informed decision. This is a decision that will impact other areas of your trip to Orlando, so don’t feel tempted to rush.

Use Other People’s Experience

To get started, you need to use the experience of others. There have been plenty of people who have visited over the last few years, and there are plenty of reviews and opinions shared on this topic too. Sifting through the reviews, and finding ones that are valuable is easier to do if you use a family blog or family blogger network, as these reviews have often been posted by real families – just like yours. When you use the experience of others, you can see where issues and problems may occur, and you can see the positives on offer too. Seeing how situations were handled and dealt with will give you a good insight into what you can expect from a hotel that you are looking at. Of course, you can take a lot of value and information from reviews, and these can then be used to help shape your opinions.

Think About What You Need and Want

After looking at other people’s experiences, you then have to think about what you and your family both need and want from a hotel. For example, do you need a disabled friendly hotel – perhaps for the older members you may be traveling with? Or do you need on-site kids clubs, and possibly even babysitting facilities. A perfect hotel is one that offers more, and one that often goes above and beyond the call of duty. A perfect hotel is never just a place to get some sleep. Making a list of our top priorities will help you sift through the available options, and then narrow down your choices to give you a shortlist. If you are struggling to think of what you need and want from a hotel, then think about how you live your daily life. What do you do in your life that you will need to replicate when on vacation, and how can a hotel support you with this?

Check Out the Star Rating

Star rating counts for a lot. If you are traveling with a family, you will want to ensure that you go for the highest star rating possible. When you go for a higher rating of at least 4 stars, you will see what you are getting for your money. Of course, there are a lot of good 3-star hotels around, but ideally, this is the lowest star rating you should go for. If you go any lower than this, you may be settling for substandard service or poor quality, and this is not what you want (or expect) when you visit Orlando. Of course, when you are comparing hotels, you need to remember that a star rating should not be used by themselves, in fact, they should always be used alongside other methods of comparison too. Because you may find a 3 star hotel offers more that you and your family need (more so than a 4 star).

Look at Reviews

You have already made use of other blogs and experiences, however, now it is time to take the process one step further. Looking at reviews on sites such as TripAdvisor can be a positive experience, or it can leave you full of dread. When you are using and reading reviews, it is important to see them for what they are, and this is other people’s opinions. If somebody has a negative experience (even if the rest of the stay was good) they will focus on the negative elements, and this is something you should be aware of when using reviews. Picking out the information that is useful for you and trying to build up your own picture is important. If you are basing your decision just on what reviews say, you may find that you will end up building a one-sided picture.

Deciding on a Location

Do you want to explore the Universal Studios when in Orlando?

Orlando is a big destination to head to, with many neighborhoods to explore. As it is big you want to be sure that you are in a location that works for you, and for your travel plans. If you are not in a location that works, you will be left feeling frustrated, and you will be left feeling stuck or trapped in your hotel (especially if surrounding transport links are not the best). When you are deciding on a location, you really need to think about what you want to see and do in Orlando. For example, if your trip is going to be heavily focused on the theme parks, you will want to make sure that you are as close to them as possible. Whereas if your trip to Orlando is about visiting Gatorland and heading to the beach, you will not need Disney focused hotels or resorts.

Check Out Chains and Groups


Westgate Lakes Resort and Spa

“Time to relax at treasure cove water park”

As there are a lot of types of accommodation to choose from when visiting Orlando, it can sometimes be difficult to separate the good from the bad. However, when you look at chains and groups of hotels, you don’t need to do this, and you certainly don’t need to worry. For example, there is a Westgate Resorts Orlando and this group includes hotels that will offer something for every traveler. From spas and golf courses for a bit of relaxation time, all the way through to water parks for the kids who want to always be on the go. When you are looking at chains and groups of hotels, you get more reassurance and peace of mind, and this is essential when you are spending a lot on a trip. The reassurance that groups and chains offer cannot always be replicated by smaller, independent hotels.

See What Amenities and Facilities Are on Offer

No matter how many people you are traveling with, it is important that needs and requirements are met (when they can be). To make this happen, you need to look at the amenities and facilities that a hotel has to offer. For example, does a hotel have on-site restaurants, bars and eateries – ensuring you can grab a bit to eat throughout the day, or are you restricted to set seating times and plans? Amenities and facilities can be anything from spas and golf clubs, right through to dry cleaning services and housekeeping. Writing down the facilities you need during your stay will help you then do a like for like comparison between those on your shortlist.

Price and Budget

Even though talking about finances and budgets may not always be something you actively want to do, it is an essential part of finding the perfect hotel. After all, who wants to find a perfect hotel, only to find out that it is unaffordable, or just that little bit too much per night. When you can establish a cost per room per night, you will be able to speed up your search, simply because you will be able to rule out those hotels that do not satisfy or fulfil your criteria. When you are putting together a price and budget for your hotel, you need to look at what you are getting for that cost, and then you need to break down how much it costs per person per night. The process can feel a little tiresome, but when you can see exactly what you are paying, and what you are getting for your money it will all be worth it.

Easily Accessible

The perfect hotel is going to be one that is easily accessible. When you are exploring Orlando during the day, or even at night, you want to be able to return to your hotel as soon as possible – with little fuss ideally. If your hotel is not easy to find, or if it is not easily accessible by different modes of transport, you may be left feeling frustrated. To check out a hotel’s accessibility, you may find it beneficial to look at a map of Orlando and see where it is located in relation to what you want to do and see. If it is located off an interstate, it should be easily accessible by all.

The hotel that you choose will set you up for a successful trip and vacation to Orlando, so take your time to research the options available, and then make sure you have a fabulous time!