A Compare and Contrast Essay: Evaluate the Differences and Similarities Between Two Subjects

One of the forms of academic writing, a compare and contrast essay, is a common assignment for students at different education levels. Writing this essay requires the necessary skills. Authors must determine certain subjects or topics and then compare and contrast them. In order to write this kind of essay, the authors must bring their attention to the organization of the content and paper.

Content Organization

When creating a compare and contrast essay, one must clearly comprehend the expected content they must write. It is critical for an efficient paper development. For instance, the differences and similarities between the subjects or objects (two or more) must be explained in detail. The number of differences and similarities provided in the essay is typically defined in accordance with some instructions or paper length.

Additionally, the author should create a comparison basis in order to present differences and similarities. These themes are required to allow readers to learn and characterize the importance of certain similarities or differences. Therefore, the content of this kind of essay must introduce a detailed analysis of the given subjects or objects.

Effective Introductory Segment and Thesis Statement

An introduction to this essay must contain a thesis statement. This segment describes the comparable subjects in a general manner so that the readers receive sufficient contextual information. Also, in the thesis statement, the authors must introduce their chosen subjects and name their advantages. The authors must present a distinct thesis statement, which becomes a reference point for the audience. This is why an introduction must be wide-ranging.

Paragraph Development Approaches

There are two paragraph development approaches, such as point-by-point and block. Short essays require the block approach. This means that the writer describes one subject within one section and then move on to the next one. The approach is good for short essays since the audience can easily see a connection between two sections, which provide restricted information.

The point-by-point approach in the essay requires the paper division in accordance with a provided basis of comparison. This means that the readers can learn both subjects within one section or paragraph. Moreover, this approach is perfect for longer essays as it lets the writer to fully investigate a certain point for all subjects, paying huge attention to their similarities and differences.

Concluding Paragraph

A compare and contrast essay requires a conclusion that is written in accordance with the general writing rules. Most importantly, a conclusion should provide no new information to the audience. The essay conclusion is typically a summary of the major points mentioned in the essay. Additionally, the writer must create a well-planned paragraph. It must present the importance of the overview. The conclusion section is a great chance for the writer to give special importance to the crucial points mentioned in the thesis statement.

Summing Up

The compare and contrast essay writing process involves knowing and understanding the essay structure and the features of the expected essay. Generally, the differences and similarities of the subjects must be indicated in conformity with a definitive criterion, which keeps the most appropriate themes separately. Finally, the essay must be written according to the basic essay structure. The writers can organize the body and concluding paragraphs as they want.

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