9 Reasons Canberra Is an Awesome Place to Live

There’s everything to love about living in Canberra. Australia’s capital is the perfect place to call home for students, businesses, professionals and families.  With a progressive lifestyle you’ll find artists, actors, musicians and writers tending their craft as well as new technology pushing Australian standards in living including award-winning energy-efficient homes.

The best part is that it’s quiet enough to kick back and enjoy the small things in life while still having access to everything you love about the big city.

Here are nine reasons Canberra is an awesome place to live.

1. Great Health and wellbeing

Getting moving is easy when you are surrounded by a population that loves fitness. The most active community in Australia, Canberra makes staying in shape easy with parks and fitness tracks built into the Canberra township, starting with the central man-made Lake Burley Griffin. You can use the connecting paths to get around or for some healthy family exercise. The city is also surrounded by mountains that are perfect for bushwalking, picnics, BBQs and camping.

2. Easy traffic

Canberra is so easy to get around thanks to being formally established after the rise in car production. This gives you full access to everything the city has to offer no matter where you, or your destination, is located. The smaller population, great road structure and well-designed city mean traffic is light and flows smoothly. The easy traffic and short distances mean you cut down on commuting and spend time where it really matters.

3. Amazing culture

Community-based and multicultural, the feeling of culture in Canberra is only enhanced by access to some of Australia’s largest and most impressive cultural resources. You can visit the National Gallery and National Museum of Australia, the National Science and Technology Centre, and the Australian War Memorial as well as tour the Houses of Parliament, the National Mint or enjoy the botanic gardens, parklands and lake. 

4. Festivals

Culture-wise Canberra is a multicultural home that embraces all religions and lifestyles. Home to parliament and Embassies there is no shortage of international traffic for change and forward-thinking. Take in one of the many local and National festivals including the National Multicultural Festival, Design Festival, music festival and multiple food and wine festivals that embrace local produce year-round.

5. Quiet

Canberra is a quiet city, making it perfect for families. Getting around is easy, there are no factories so industrial pollution is low and the crime rate is one of the lowest in Australia. Everything you need is within easy reach and because it’s not overly touristy and crowded with  international visitors you can go out exploring and experience the sights and sounds of the ACT without the crowds and stress.

6. Progressive and diverse

Canberra is progressive with help from the Canberra Innovation Network. There is a decisive push to nurture local businesses and entrepreneurs, pushing the boundaries to deliver innovative, local foundations that continue to enhance further research and innovation.

7. Quality education

Education is part of the blood flow of Canberra. With amazing schools and a community value for education and learning, the capital is a quality academic city, for early years and beyond and the perfect place to study. 

8. Big City Benefits

Living in Canberra doesn’t mean you need to give up the fun and grandeur of city life. While not as crowded or noisy as Sydney you can still enjoy large shopping malls, quality cafes, boutique shops, big brand names, bars and eateries, serving up cuisine from local produce from around Canberra and the Goulburn Valley. 

9. Work-life balance 

Most jobs in Canberra are around government operations or services to meet public needs. This means most of the population is keen to clock off and go home and enjoy life. This is helped by short commutes, a lot of sunshine days as well as the close proximity to the bush and hiking trails to feel a sense of variety, escape and choice for how you live.

For a change of scene and some extra peace and quiet, the quality lifestyle in Canberra can’t be beaten anywhere. Make the move today and feel the difference.