9 Actionable Tips To Increase Followers On Facebook

Today, I want to show you 10 proven and simple strategies to get likes on your Facebook page that you can later convert into leads and customers. It is not easy and requires work, but it is feasible if you do it right.

Create valuable content to increase your number of followers on Facebook

The key to getting Likes on Facebook is the content, don’t hesitate. Only if you manage to entertain, inform or cover a need of your target audience, will you get them to become followers of your Facebook page.

Therefore, my recommendation is that first of all you prepare a good content planning for Facebook and your social networks.

  • Focused on what interests them, not you
  • Useful
  • Accessible and easy to understand and assimilate
  • Occasionally using a quality Lead Magnet to get Leads will also allow you to get more followers on Facebook.

Use video and Facebook Live to get likes on your Facebook page

Video is one of the most consumed formats on this network, so it can help you quickly gain likes and followers on Facebook. Always upload videos in native format and make sure that they are of interest to your audience and that they are not too long. On the other hand, Facebook Live through this platform greatly helps to convey authenticity, attract a large audience and quickly get many likes on Facebook.

Focus on your audience to get real and valuable followers

If you want to get free and real Facebook followers who interact with you, you must address your audience and meet their needs, add value to them.

My recommendation is always that you start by working on your company’s value proposition to find out what it needs and how you can cover its needs with your product or service. And from there, frequently post good content that will help you get more quality followers on your Facebook page.

Keep your Facebook Fan Page updated

I still see, on a day-to-day basis, Facebook pages that do not have current corporate information. It is a small but important mistake because having this information well placed can make your followers become customers themselves, if they know what you are doing. So don’t just think about getting likes on your page, think about how your audience perceives you on this social network, as it will help you go from getting followers to getting customers on Facebook.

Create Contests to get followers on Facebook

Giveaways are one of the best ways to get free Facebook followers who will buy from you later. Contests and Giveaways on Facebook allow you to get a very high number of participants, which you can later convert into followers of your page.

Moreover, you get hundreds of emails from people who have seen your website, know what you do, give you a like on Facebook, and also give you their permission to send information by email. If you know how to do it, the rate of conversions to sales from giveaways is usually high.

Use Facebook Ads to gain likes on your Fan Page

Facebook is the best site for AD and the best thing about advertising on Facebook Ads is that it has a special section where you can invest to get followers to your Facebook page.

  • They will always be real followers of your Fan Page
  • You can segment who you want Facebook to show your page to
  • They are people who subsequently interact if they are interested in what you do

But the best thing again is that it is one of the best ways to know how to get followers on Facebook.

Interact frequently on other Facebook pages

Do not forget that your followers are not going to go to your page on their own. A large majority do not know you. Therefore, you must be the one who begins to increase the interaction in other pages, groups, and profiles. Contributing, commenting, and interacting with the publications of others and following their pages. In this way, you will also be able to generate real Facebook followers and more easily.

Add a “Like” button on your website to generate followers on Facebook

Simple but not everyone does it. Place the like button on your blog and content to make people share them and thus get many more followers on Facebook. Again, it is your content that attracts followers so it determines what your user likes the most.

Include a link to your Facebook page in the signature of your emails

Finally, it is good that you can include a link to your Facebook page in the signature of your emails. In this way, you will always be present when you send an email to someone who may become a follower of yours on Facebook. Well, now that you know how to get followers on Facebook, it’s time to get to work.