Running a business isn’t easy. Years ago it was much more difficult than it is now, however. Modern business owners have an unlimited arsenal of tools at their disposal ranging from software to machine algorithms and much more. If you are determined to improve the function and performance of your business then you may want to consider investing in software. Choosing the right kind of software can be a challenging task for individuals with no real experience in the technical aspects of it; it doesn’t have to be difficult for you however, as you have this post to help you. Here are eight types of software you need to know about:


Payroll is arguably a company’s most important department. Until it runs effectively retaining staff will be impossible. No employee is going to work for a company that does not take steps to manage payments properly. Try to find the best 1099 payroll software of 2023 that you can afford. Bear in mind that usually payroll is something that’s handled by an organisation’s human resources department. However, many modern businesses are making payroll its own distinct department. If your business is just starting out and doesn’t have many employees yet then merging payroll and human resources can be a good way of saving money and reducing the number of staff you need to employ; you can manage both of these departments yourself using software.

Human Resources

Human resources are easily your company’s second most important department. Until human resources runs effectively your company staff will never be satisfied or pleased with their experiences working for you. It is human resources that handle employee onboarding, payroll and complaints. All aspects of the employee lifecycle are handled by human resources. You will need physical human resources staff even if you are making use of software. The reason for this is that there are only so many things software can do. If employees need references or have complaints they want to make, software won’t be able to deal with these issues. When looking for human resources software it is always important to read reviews. A program’s reviews can make it easier to determine whether or not it is suitable for your company. Software with nothing but negative feedback should be avoided for your company’s sake.


If you want to achieve exposure and ultimately financial success then an effective marketing effort is required. You don’t have to outsource your company’s marketing to a third-party provider, however. It is entirely possible to manage marketing internally. In order to do so you will want to invest in marketing software, which is abundantly available online. Before you can comfortably invest in marketing software you need to establish the marketing channels you think will be most effective. Until you have identified the areas of marketing that will be most beneficial you cannot confidently buy software of any kind.

Customer Support

Customers are your organisation’s lifeblood. Every single department’s focus should be making customers’ lives easier. Unless you invest in good customer support software you won’t be able to ensure that they have positive interactions with your company. Good customer support software can make a lot of difference. In addition to using customer support software, it’s important to have a dedicated phone line they can contact in times of trouble. You should also have an email they can send queries and concerns too. Customer support software should make arranging and facilitating all of this much easier. Usually, this kind of software comes with chatbots too.

Internal Complaints

When employees have an issue or complaint, their concerns need to be addressed immediately. However, if you have a large business then dealing with complaints could be very difficult. It’s hard to focus on resolving people’s problems when there’s a lot going on. Employee complaints software will help you to log and track any complaints made. You can then appoint a human resources employee to the role of complaints handler. If any serious complaints are raised then they should be taken to you, otherwise, they can be handled by human resources. Make sure the human resources employee you delegate complaints handling to is responsible and fair.


Unless you have an efficient accounting department your company’s finances will be a miss. It should also be noted that if your organisation’s accounting department is not effectively run then you can get into trouble with the IRS. The IRS does not take kindly to businesses with flippant attitudes to their taxes. Accountancy departments can be very expensive to fund, however. An effective alternative for small businesses is accounting software. Accounting software is widely available and highly effective as long as transactions are properly recorded and noted in them. Accountancy features are sometimes included in payroll software.

Employee Onboarding

Employee onboarding is something that’s worth thinking about. In the past, this was a feature of human resources software but in recent times it has become its own standalone type of software. Employee onboarding is something that needs a lot of care and attention as if it is not arranged properly, it can be detrimental to your employees’ lives and time working for you. Onboarding involves taking employee documents and checking their references. The more efficiently employee onboarding is handled, the faster hiring new members of staff will be. This kind of software is usually very affordable due to its limited uses.

Data Analytics

Without data success of any kind will be unachievable. Organisations need to use data nowadays. If you are the owner of a business then you need to handle data more effectively. One way of doing this is by investing in data analytics software. While this kind of software will not automate data handling it will help you to learn how to process and deal with it more effectively. Any issues relating to data that cannot be resolved through software of this kind should be directed to an expert in the subject, ideally a data scientist or analyst.

In business, there are lots of ways you can improve your company’s performance. One of these is by using the software. More and more entrepreneurs are turning to software than ever before because of its endless benefits and the many different types there are; if you are interested in utilising software then find the types that are most beneficial to your business, like those listed here.