8 Ton Mechanical Flange Spreader

RIVERLAKE HYDRAULIC offers mechanical and hydraulic flange spreaders and many lifting tools. The least of all the Equalizer Flange Spreaders is the MG7TM Mini Flange Spreader. The MG7TM is a mechanical spreader that requires less gap to insert between the flanges and can create 1” of spread. The MG7TM weighs eleven pounds and it can create up to seven Tons of spread force. The MG7TM also features a pin-through bolt design to stop the tool from ever falling out the flange gap.

Types of Mechanical Flange Spreader

                            The Equalizer flange spreader tools can be classified as the SW series. The SW Series has three separate models, the SW9TM, SW14.5TI, and SW15TE. The SW9TM flange spreader is the motorized flange spreader in this series and makes up to nine Tons of force. The SW14.5TI features a combined wedge head and hydraulic hand pump design and can make up to 14.5 Tons of spread force. The SW15TE wedge head is intended with an external hydraulic hand pump and is available in three configurations; the mini kit, standard kit, and maxi kit.

                               The SWi hydraulic flange spreader line provides the superior spreading force with the same design aspects and bundle options available in SW series. The SWi series follows the same format as the SW series with a SWi12 Mechanical flange spreader, the Integrated model, and the SWi2025TE with similar kit options. The main difference is that the SWi series features a reshaped wedge head for supreme spread capability.

                               The next series of flange spreaders are the SG Series. It deals with flange spreaders that lock into the bolt-holes instead of snooping flanges apart with a wedge. The SG line of flange tools is particularly valuable in flanged situations without a gap. The SG4TM and the SG11TM are the three mechanical sizes and can create tons of force respectively. The SG13TE appears similar to the mechanical tools but is activated with a hydraulic cylinder and outside hydraulic hand pump. The final two tools that make up the SG series are SG18TE and SG25TE. These tools are known as in-line models in that they reach diagonally the flange gap to the same bolt hole on the conflicting flange. By locking into each bolt hole, they are able to push from each other to create a spread. RIVERLAKE HYDRAULIC also features a line of hydraulic wedges known as the VLW line. These are small alterations to the SW flange spreader design; in that, they are level on the bottom. This allows the VLW line to get beneath heavy machinery with precise lifting capability. The 2 tool models are the integrated hydraulic hand pump and wedge head with an external hydraulic hand pump.

Features of 8 Ton Mechanical Flange Spreader:

  • The replacement is suitable for application of preservation, maintenance, and valve;
  • It has fewer moving parts, sturdy, easy maintenance;
  • It is without friction, parallel flat motion, eliminates the danger of injury and harm to the flange separator;
  • The Flange separator is typically used in pairs;
  • The Self-locking design is unique, secluding the first stage of large area power;
  • It has Pipeline Commissioning, construction, maintenance, and valve standby.
  •     It is Lightweight, handy, and very versatile in use.
  •     It has only a 6mm minimum gap required to start the operation.
  •     Can be operated by hand, foot, or by an electric pump

Mechanical flange spreader 8-ton properties

    RIVERLAKE HYDRAULIC industrial mechanical spreaders feature an integrated wedge concept with friction-free, parallel wedge movement eliminating flange damage and spreading arm failure Also, read about Local Digital Business.

  • Unique interlacing wedge design with no first step bending and risk of slithering out of joint
  • It requires a small access gap of only 
  • It has a stepped spreader arm design and each step can spread under a full load
  • It has durability and has low maintenance
  • It has a safety block SB-1 and a ratchet spanner included with a mechanical spreader
  • It has friction-free, smooth, and parallel wedge drive with unique
  • The Interlock wedge design eliminates flange damage and the risk of spreading arm failure.
  • It has a stepped spreader arm design with each step can spread under a full load

Though the specified capacity and stroke of the jacks are designed for supreme safe working, RIVERLAKE HYDRAULIC recommends using the jacks for 85% of the rated capacity and stroke as safe working practice and for the long life of the jacks.


  • It is Lightweight, compact, and very easy to use.
  • It has a single acting spring return
  • It has a Cylinder refined to a surface finish 
  • It has hard chrome plated ram to resist scoring & corrosion
  • It has a Wiper to arrest the ingress of foreign particles.
  • It has an adjustable jaw for the job adaptability
  • It has Wedge for limited spread applications which are voluntary.
  • It has a QCC with a plastic dust cap and Aluminum Dust cap on request.

                              RIVERLAKE HYDRAULIC is instrumental in offering the clients a high-quality range of Hydraulic Flange Spreaders all are constructed with exactness under the strict vigil of technical specialists and this range is perfect for leak gasket replacement purposes. This is done by scattering the pipe flanges securely in the pipeline. Being very light in weight, these spreaders are very handy to use and are thus, used by all