8 Stats and Facts about Truck Accidents in Arizona

Every state has some trouble areas where accidents occur quite frequently in the United States of America. As far as Arizona is concerned, also known as The Grand Canyon State or Copper State, the city has many trouble spots like Highway 40, Interstate 10, Interstate 60, Interstate 17, U.S. Highway 93, and so on. It is evident that in a city where there are too many troublesome spots, accidents occur regularly. However, the vehicle that tops the list if we talk about the frequency of accidents is trucks. If you are living in Arizona and have been involved in a truck accident, then you might need a truck accident lawyer in Arizona to file your case in court and claim compensation legally. Arizona is a beautiful deserted city. The climate here is arid and hot. Not only this but it has some hazardous roads and streets which make it more unsuitable for traveling. This city is also considered the worst for driving large vehicles because of poor highway conditions. However, below are some of the facts and stats about truck accidents in the city.

Phoenix to California Road

This road connecting Phoenix to California, interstate 10 alone, witnessed around 85 deaths yearly. As a result, it is considered one of the most dangerous roads in Arizona. 


Fatigue is the most frequent cause of accidents caused by truck driver errors. 

Number of Deaths 

The number of deaths in 2016 from truck accidents in Arizona was 69. During the year 2021, 119 fatalities occurred because of Arizona’s truck accidents. 

Semi-Truck Stop Time

If we compare the semi-truck in Arizona with a car, the time required for a semi-truck to stop would be forty times more than the time required for a car to stop. 

Punitive Damages

In Arizona, public employees and entities are immune from punitive damages, which means that they won’t be held liable for punitive damage if they get involved in a truck accident or personal injury case. 

Statute of Limitation

Arizona’s statute of limitations for personal injury cases is two years. So, if you have suffered from a truck accident, you can file your case within two years since the accident occurred. 

Change of Travel Lane

The number one cause of truck accidents is changing the travel lane, running into another lane, or driving off-road. Studies reveal that 32% of truck accidents occur due to this cause. 

Loss of Control

The second major cause of truck accidents is losing control over the vehicle in Arizona, which makes up 29% of the total truck accidents. 

The government needs to step up and find a way to prevent such fatal accidents. The authorities must consider carpeting the roads, streets, and even highways to improve road conditions. Strict laws must be made, so that truck drivers don’t violate traffic laws and risk their and others’ life due to their negligence. Truck accidents are dangerous, but this doesn’t mean they are not preventable. With little effort and care, horrible truck accidents can be prevented, and many lives could be saved.