8 St. Louis Wedding Ideas to Spark Your Inspiration

Saint Louis is one of the most gorgeous cities in the USA. Home to the Gateway Arch, the city never fails to impress architecture-wise. Now, with a huge variety of wedding venues, Saint Louis is the place to marry.

There are tons of St Louis wedding ideas floating around the internet. With a little bit of creativity, you can create one that fits you and your partner. If you want inspiration, look no further than this article.

We’re going to highlight our favorite Saint Louis wedding ideas in this article. Read on to get some inspiration for your big day.

1. Historic Downtown O’Fallon

One of the best wedding venues in St. Louis is the Historic Downtown O’Fallon. Consider having a vintage-inspired wedding with a ceremony in a historic church, followed by a reception in the rustic downtown. If a traditional wedding isn’t your style, get creative and book at the Trigg Banquet Center for its unique architectural and design feature.

2. The Wild Carrot

The Wild Carrot is the perfect option for wedding venues in St Louis. This unique, urban venue offers a variety of excellent wedding ideas to jumpstart your imagination and spark some inspiration. The bright and spacious main room, with its industrial-inspired design, is the perfect place to host a cozy ceremony, adorned with fresh flowers and string lights.

3. The Jewel Box

This charming venue is nestled in the bustling St. Louis City neighborhood of Benton Park and offers couples a beautiful setting for both their wedding and reception. Whether you desire an intimate affair or a grand celebration, The Jewel Box makes each celebration unique and special.

4. Lalumondiere Mill and River Gardens

This historic gem offers couples the chance to experience a French countryside wedding. The stunning river setting, rustic stone and wood buildings, landscaped gardens, and dramatic fountains provide the perfect backdrop for your special day.

5. The Last Hotel

This historic hotel, built in 1924, stands as a grand reminder of the city’s past, making it the perfect backdrop for a romantic wedding. With its ornate surroundings and breathtaking skyline views, it’s sure to make your special day as memorable as possible.

6. Piper Palm House

This St Louis wedding venue is located in Tower Grove Park. The atmosphere of the venue is warm and inviting with an aura of charm and grandeur. The building features a soaring glass dome, highlighting the main room, which makes a spectacular setting for an unforgettable wedding ceremony and reception.

7. The Dogwood

A historic landmark located in the city’s bustling downtown area, The Dogwood is the perfect place to get inspired and plan the perfect wedding. The building is home to two large banquet halls, a bridal suite, and a beautiful outdoor garden.

8. Lumen

Whether you’re looking for classic elegance or modern charm, Lumen has a wide range of unique wedding ideas and inspiration to turn your waterfront ceremony into a vision of beauty. Enjoy a romantic outdoor wedding set on the banks of the Mississippi River and take advantage of the breathtaking views of the St. Louis skyline.

Choose the St Louis Wedding That’s Right for You

St. Louis is full of beautiful wedding venues and themes that can create the perfect dream wedding. From traditional ballrooms to romantic gardens, and chic lofts, the options are endless!

With a splash of creativity and a little help from local vendors, you can create the magnificent wedding of your dreams in St. Louis! Contact a local St Louis wedding planner to help you plan your joyous day.

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