8 Reasons Why Darjeeling Tea is Good for Old People

Drinking tea is not only a casual habit but is a passionate tradition. The act of taking tea occupies a special place in our hearts, and by honoring this practice, this article will explain a very special type of tea amongst thousands of users – Darjeeling organic tea. This specialty originated from the famous Darjeeling in India and is highly adored by tea lovers across the world. It can be taken at any time of the day, and it offers several health benefits.

Darjeeling tea, especially in old people, boosts the immune system, assists with weight loss, strengthens their bones, improves skin health, fights against various cancers. Most importantly, this special loose leaf tea possesses a unique blend and an exotic taste. Keep reading to find out the benefits that are associated with this tea. Also, to buy Darjeeling organic tea, visit the Kent & Sussex online tea and coffee shop and place your order.

1. It calms the body and mind

Drinking tea, not just Darjeeling organic tea, is a great way of reducing stress and anxiety. Taking tea bags of Darjeeling organic tea will leave you feeling more alert and focused. Furthermore, Darjeeling organic tea has L-theanine, an amino acid that immensely assists to settle and calm your nerves which in run relaxes and calms the mind. It is a great companion for mindful relaxation or studying. This makes it ideal for older people who prefer to enjoy their favorite drink while reading a book or watching birds.

2. It promotes a healthy skin

By now, it is obvious that tea contains antioxidants that are beneficial to the skin. Older people tend to have dry, wrinkled skin as they get older. However, Darjeeling organic tea contains powerful antioxidants which assist in fighting off psoriasis and eczema. These diseases are usually prevented or treated by going to high air humidity regions. Now add drinking Darjeeling organic tea to the list.

Antioxidants are widely known for keeping a person’s skin fresh and young. They also minimize the effects caused by aging, air pollution, and stress.

3. It strengthens the bones

A research study indicated that the bone density of tea drinkers was 3% greater than that of non-drinkers. The study went ahead to show that people who consumed black tea often lost their bone density at a slower rate as compared to other groups. Bone density is of critical importance to human health.

Bones protect body organs, mooring muscles, and stores the body’s calcium supplies. It is recommended that older people take this tea because they tend to have weaker bones. It can help them improve their bone density.

4. It helps to keep heart diseases in control

The human body soaks up a substantial level of cholesterol from several foods daily. More so, as a person ages, the risk of suffering from heart complications gradually increases. However, drinking Darjeeling organic tea regularly assists in standardizing sugar levels and absorbing harmful cholesterols (LDL).

Therefore, it is recommended to consume this tea without adding sugar to experience and enjoy its health benefits fully. If you’re trying out this tea for the first time, you will find it to have a bitter taste but nonetheless, avoid adding sugar.

5. It boosts the immune system

Consuming a cup or two of Darjeeling organic tea protects your body from bacterial inflammation, chronic illnesses, and viral infections that are harmful to your system.

This special kind of tea not only prevents the risk of future diseases emerging but also helps in fighting them off.

6. It is great for the digestive system

When older people consume Darjeeling organic tea regularly, they will realize a considerable change and speed in their metabolism. In turn, high metabolism means that your digestive tract will be cleansed and will be kept healthy at all times.

Darjeeling organic tea decreases acid reflux which in turn prevents uncomfortable feelings and indigestions in the stomach. After taking a decent meal, it is recommended to consume a cup or two to assist with the procession and flow of nutrients.

7. It aids in weight loss

If you have been seeking a natural method of shedding some weight, then Darjeeling organic tea is an ideal solution. The perfect combination of natural antioxidants and caffeine that are found in loose leaf tea work together to help you shed weight.

It does so by greatly promoting the oxidation of fat while at the same time minimizing the absorption of fat in the stomach. This way, it is more sufficient and easier to lose weight especially if paired with the right nutritional diet.

More so, when older people take Darjeeling organic tea, it gives them a huge amount of energy and power. This means that older people will have more energy to work out thus losing weight in the process.

8. It prevents Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson’s disease is a neurological disorder that affects the nerve cells. It mostly affects older people, but younger people also have a significant risk of contracting the disease. It results mainly from an unhealthy lifestyle, stress, and poor nutrition.

Drinking Darjeeling organic tea helps to minimize the risk of getting this disease since it contains Polyphenol. Polyphenol acts similarly as antioxidants to protect body cells and tissues from health aggressors and stress.


Darjeeling tea is a complex beverage, and it undergoes the process of withering, dying, and oxidation to create a dark brown hue that produces an exquisite and exotic earthy fragrance. From boosting immunity and strengthening bones to improving digestion and calming the body, Darjeeling organic tea comes with myriads of health benefits that can greatly help older people lead a prolonged life. However, pregnant women and people with high blood pressure should not drink it because it could result in health problems.