8 Productive Part-time Jobs Students Can Do While Studying In US

Studying in any high-end college or university is not easy nowadays since the educational institutes have started charging a lot more than before. Since the pandemic of coronavirus, paying the high amount of fees has become more back-breaking for a lot of students and parents.

Understanding the nerve-wracking situation of students rightly, we know there is a good number of students who are working part-time to support their own expenses and to support their family as well.

There is nothing wrong with this although, the students studying and earning altogether are quite multi-tasking with their different responsibilities and can face the difficult situations of life effectively.


Apart from the purpose of supporting the family financially and bearing self-expenses, a lot of the students are doing the part-time job to enhance their experience and to gain their skillset in different fields and career industries and working with cheap essay writing service websites as a writer and enhance their writing skills.

In a nutshell, part-time jobs are not necessary to do but can help you earn some extra dollars at the end of the month. So there is nothing bad in seeking part-time employment after your college hours.

With the help of a part-time job, a person can get flexible work schedules and he can manage to make a good amount of money at the end of the month!


Since the breakout of the COVID-19, a lot of students have been found looking for part-time jobs. Along with the burden of studies, a part-time job is the only option that is worth looking for! You can enhance your experience and can gain good insight into different industries in which you would like to apply after completing your graduation.

Since the workplace requirements and search for recruiters have become advance so it might be difficult for you to find a sustainable part-time job!

Are you also a college student and looking for a part-time job?

If that’s the case then you are at the right place as in this article, we are going to break down 8 productive part-time jobs which the students can do while pursuing their studies. Are you ready to dive into the study? So let’s have a look into these 8 productive part-time jobs!

Be a nanny or a babysitter:

Becoming an n nanny or a babysitter is an amazing idea that is not only high paying in terms of a part-time job but is also enjoyable. You will surely not get bored in this part-time job and will enjoy yourself with the kids. Apply in the daycare or give away your advertisement of babysitting at your home. You can charge the customers per hour or even per day as well!

Be a tutor:

Since the schools are closed and the students are not able to learn properly with human interaction. You can offer your services in the subject in which you are an expert and can teach the students about that subject! Having skills in mathematics and science can help you make a lot of money by teaching different students in a single day!

Delivery person:

Deliver the food or deliver the goods, delivery persons nowadays are getting a lot of money for providing their services of transporting things. What you have to do is to pick, transport, and deliver the package quite safely to the desired person or destination. There are so many companies hiring delivery persons and paying them $10-15 per hour.

Freelancer in your choice of field:

You can offer different services by becoming a freelancer part-time. If you are good at crafting a CV then you can create your profile as a resume builder. People would surely reach out to you by searching “pay someone to write my resume”. You can also offer the services of graphic designing and content writing!

Animal caretaker:

Be a caretaker of animals. There are so many people who have to go for their jobs and they cannot look after their pet for the whole day effectively. As an animal caretaker, you can help with animals in different pet stores, animal shelters, feeding, walking, and caring for them.

Social media assistant:

This is another great part-time job that college students can look for! Here, you would have to schedule social media posts on different social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for different brands and companies. The researchers have found that the part-time earning of social media assistants is $25 per hour.

Grocery store employee:

Becoming a grocery store –an employee is also an excellent part-time job. The grocery store employee would have to check and refill the items of the store and would have to help the customers to find their desired product. This could be pretty hectic to manage for the students after their college.


The cashiers are also earning a good amount of money and if you are the one who is looking for a part-time job, consider becoming a cashier after your college at any departmental store. Scan the bag, collect the paycheck, and handle the transactions carefully at the store. You can make $15 per hour by being a cashier.

THE BOTTOM LINE: The aforementioned 8 productive part-time jobs are the best that a student can do while studying in the US. Even international students can apply for part-time jobs at any departmental store or in any digital agency. Managing the studies with a part-time job would be a lot easier than a full-time one. Good luck!