Set your niche.

Avoid the pitfall of attempting to serve everyone and everything in one place. By concentrating on a certain market, you may directly appeal to clients with particular preferences and interests and start closing deals!

Think about WHO you are going to market to before developing your niche based on WHAT you offer.

Locate your vendors.

Find two to three suppliers that will sell you goods for your shop at wholesale prices that will enable you to make a solid profit.

Never sell crystals that you purchase at retail pricing again. Simply put, there is no space for you to profit in that manner.

Uncertain about where to look for wholesale suppliers? Start reading my blog, How to discover wholesale crystal suppliers.

Understand crystals

It’s crucial to do your homework before buying any kind of crystal for your inventory. If you don’t know what you’re purchasing, it’s easy to get merchandise that is phoney, incorrectly labelled, or of low quality.

Order and value your stock.

There are several approaches to crystal pricing. To ensure that you are earning a profit when the crystal sells as opposed to merely breaking even or even losing money, you must do the math. Use my free pricing calculator to learn how to price crystals profitably.

Establish your internet shop and presence.

When opening your shop, these are some of the most crucial choices you’ll have to make. What name are you going to use? Where will you make sales? And which social media sites would you use to market your business?

Name of your store

Consideration should be given to your store’s name. Once your business has a following of devoted consumers and admirers, changing your name might be challenging.

your logo

You may stand out from the crowd with the aid of a logo. You should include it in any inserts or business cards that you ship with your orders since it will display on your website and social media accounts and be shared on those platforms as well.

your internet store’s website

Online crystal retailers host their shops in one of three methods. Each has benefits and drawbacks. Visit my blog post Where are the greatest locations to sell crystals online? to learn more about these choices.


The online store Etsy specialises on antique, handmade, and craft supply products. It connects buyers and vendors on a dependable, user-friendly platform.


Some crystal vendors choose to sell just on Facebook or Instagram. Although you may offer products in posts and stories, live streaming sales are the most efficient method to sell lots of crystals.


Creating your own website takes technical know-how as well as marketing expertise. If you decide to go this path, Shopify is a well-liked website building tool for crystal shops.

Using your social media channels

Your store should be active on at least one social media network, even if you don’t sell crystals there, to increase brand recognition and customer confidence. Popular choices include Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok.

Purchase extra packing supplies

Make sure you’re prepared to pack and send your first orders before you start adding listings to your business! The essentials to keep on hand are listed below:

Padded envelopes or boxes

Bouncy tape (save this from your wholesale deliveries)

Your logo on business cards or flyers (include them with your orders)

  • electronic scale
  • packing supplies (to fill empty space in your boxes)
  • mailing labels and a printer
  • Scissors \sTape

For additional information, click to visit.

Take pictures of your gems

To sell gems online, you need stunning images. They will be presented in a polished and engaging manner via good images.

To take quality product shots, you don’t need to be an expert or buy pricey equipment. Make sure your photographs accurately depict the crystals’ features, size, and real colours by using natural lighting and a plain backdrop.

List your gems

You are now equipped with everything you need to begin listing and selling your goods! Add a lot of listings to your store; the more merchandise you provide, the more likely it is that people will discover you and want to do business with you.