8 Common Mistakes with Moves and How to Avoid Them

It shouldn’t be surprising that 8.4% of Americans moved in 2021. There are many reasons for moving, but it can be stressful and frustrating. Moving involves packing all your belongings and finding a place to store them until you see where you’re going to live.

Ensure that you pack your moving truck properly. Avoid these common mistakes with moves that cause delay and chaos.

If you’re planning to move soon, this blog post will be perfect for you! We’ll explore some of the most common mistakes and provide tips on how to avoid them!

1. Not Organizing Your Belongings Before Packing

Organizing your belongings before packing will ensure you can transfer necessary items. There’s also a possibility that you’ll pack your things in unsuitable boxes.

Avoiding these issues by organizing every room when preparing for moves is best. It’s best to list all your items, categorize them, and purge any that you no longer need.

Remove furniture and oversized items first and pack each of them. Then move on to smaller items.

Categorize boxes according to room and use clear labels on packages to identify which boxes should go where. It can save valuable time during both packing and unpacking.

2. Lesser Packing Supplies

Lesser packing supplies, such as boxes not made for packing, often result in common mistakes when moving. These boxes may be too weak to hold their content, resulting in broken or damaged items in your move. To avoid these mistakes, ensure that you purchase quality packing supplies made with corrugated cardboard for moving.

Refrain from overloading boxes by packing them too tight or with heavier items. Keep in mind that the bottom of the box should not be overloaded with things, as it should have a bit of a cushion for the items on top.

3. Procrastinating Until The Last Minute to Pack

Procrastination when packing for moves will lead to long hours of stress. Plan and create a timeline for each step of the moving process to avoid this stressful mistake. Give yourself enough time to gather and purchase all the necessary supplies, such as boxes, tape, and bubble wrap.

Start packing the items that are not required or used daily first. Remember to label each box to make unpacking easier.

4. Unprepared for Your Pet’s Needs

Prepare for the needs of your pets ahead of time. Ensure that your pets are kept safe and their individual needs are met. Be prepared for your pet’s needs.

Keep items like familiar pet food, bedding, toys, treats, and other comfort items for them as soon as possible. Take them with you on the move.

Set up a temporary room for pets beforehand, so they have somewhere familiar to go once the move is complete. It’s also best to create an accessible “moving kit” with essential papers and supplies for your pet. Take the time to prepare for your pet’s needs to make your moving experience much smoother.

5. Not Giving Thanks or A Token of Appreciation to Friends Who Helped Out

Moving can be stressful and time-consuming, so your friends often offer up their time and energy without a second thought. It’s important to recognize these friends’ vital role in helping you move and express appreciation for their help.

Consider taking them out for lunch to show that you are grateful for their help. You can also purchase a token of appreciation, such as a card or small gift to say thank you.

Take the time to thank your friends and show your appreciation. It will show that you value their friendship. At the same time, it may also encourage them to help you again in the future when you need it.

6. No Emergency Bag

When packing for a move, it’s too common to forget an essential item on your checklist—the emergency bag. Not packing can lead to disastrous consequences if a crisis hits while you’re away from home.

Avoid such mistakes by creating a checklist of essential items in your emergency bag. Keep things like cash, identification, water, snacks, medication, and basic supplies inside. Please keep them in one bag, like a backpack, and store them in an accessible location in your new home.

This emergency bag will help you through difficult and unexpected situations. Keeping it well-stocked and updated is important.

7. Forgetting Your New Address

Forgetting your new address happens when people become overwhelmed by all the details they must remember during a move. Prevent this mistake by recording your new address on your phone, computer, or in a physical address book.

It can be helpful to take pictures of your address written on paper. You can share them with family, friends, and other essential contacts if they need to ship something.

Take a moment before the move to document your address! Even if you think you’ll remember, it’s best to avoid this common mistake later.

8. Not Doing Research on A Moving Company and Asking Quote

One common mistake when moving is not researching a moving company and asking for a quote. This lack of research can lead to unreliable moving companies that offer few services and cheap rates. To avoid this, do thorough research to compare offers and benefits when choosing a moving company.

Remember to read online reviews and check the Better Business Bureau rating before making a final decision. Additionally, request a face-to-face or phone consultation with potential movers to discuss their services. You can also search for local movers near you or close to your new home.

Remember to get the quote in writing for the cost of moving. It will also help ensure that the movers follow through with the agreed-upon services. Take these steps to avoid making costly mistakes with your move.

Avoid These Common Mistakes with Moves for A Smoother Experience

Avoid burnout and these common mistakes with moves to ensure everything goes smoothly. Remember to plan, label and inventory your items, and use the right equipment. Take the time to research reliable moving services and check reviews, too.

Mistakes are made when moving. Avoid them by staying organized and familiarizing yourself with the process. With the right information and preparations, any move can be successful.

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