8 Businesses You Can Run from A Self-Storage Unit

If you’ve always wanted to run a business, finding space to operate from will be a top priority. Those just starting might lack the resources to rent office space, especially if their money is committed elsewhere.

Rather than stretching your finances to rent office space, you may want to consider renting a self-storage unit. It costs considerably less but still provides you the space you need to set up shop. That said, here are eight businesses you can run from a self-storage unit.

1. E-Commerce Store

If you sell your products via your own e-commerce website or a platform like eBay, you might need a self-storage unit. It provides you with the space to take and process orders, and safe storage space for your merchandise. So, no need to have merchandise piled up around your home when you can have it stowed away in a self-storage unit.

2. A Photo Studio

if you’re a photographer but can’t afford to rent a studio, a self-storage unit can be an excellent place to start off. It provides the space needed to store your equipment, shoot your subjects, and edit photos. All you’ll need to get started is proper lighting and eye-catching backdrops. If the storage unit is well decked out, your models and clients will have a memorable experience at your makeshift studio.

3. Content Creation

Some people’s creative juices start to flow when they’re in a confined space. If you’re a content creator and love working in solitude and tranquility, a self-storage unit is just what you need. In this case, you’ll only need to run some electricity, get an Internet connection, and set up your computer.

Creating content from a storage unit doesn’t mean working from a poorly ventilated bunker-like space. You should consider a storage facility with modern amenities such as a fast Internet connection, multi-purpose meeting rooms, and business centers. Such storage units go a long way in bringing out your creativity.

4. A Second-Hand Shop

Second-hand records shops, bookstores, clothing stores, and furniture shops are some businesses you can run from a self-storage unit. Typically, running these shops means opening the doors when clients come to check out the various items in stock. Since you won’t need to be around all the time, it makes sense to operate the business from a self-storage unit rather than spend more money renting a traditional retail space.

5. Video/Audio Recording Business

Audio or video production is another business you can run from a self-storage unit. Most units are spacious enough to allow you to install video/audio recording equipment. You’ll also have with space for shooting your content. Since the relatively limited space in a storage unit may present some challenges in producing audio content, consider soundproofing the space to improve the audio quality. You may also need to have a sound engineer at hand. 

6. A Repair Business

For those who own a repair company, the chances are that they don’t have adequate space in their homes or workshops. Storing all the broken things at your home may present a logistical nightmare. Keeping all the small tools and parts in one place is also likely to be cumbersome, especially if you have kids at home. Over time, you may find yourself trespassing into your neighbors’ space. For this reason, you may want to set up shop in a self-storage facility.

Here, you can rent as much space as you want at an affordable rate. Moreover, it’s easier to customize a self-storage unit to suit your business needs, something that’s impossible to do at your home workshop. Also, if you own a repair company, it makes sense to operate from a self-storage unit rather than renting an expensive workshop.

7. Accounting

As a self-employed accountant, you don’t need much working space, and a self-storage unit is excellent for you. When you rent one, you’ll have enough working space and storage for critical paperwork. A self-storage unit comes in handy if you spend much of your time doing auditing work at clients’ offices. With this space, you’ll only need to pop in whenever you need to access mission-critical documents/files.

8. Art and Crafts

Homemade items such as paintings have grown popular in recent years. Anyone who runs a crafts business knows how challenging it is to find space for creating art and storing their equipment and final products. Renting a self-storage unit guarantees a dedicated workspace, storage space, and even a showroom for your crafts. The best part is that you won’t need to dig deep into your pocket to rent an expensive studio.

Final Thoughts

Every small business owner understands the significance of finding an affordable space where they can work uninterrupted. Self-storage units are an inexpensive and practical alternative to traditional office spaces. Thankfully, it’s easy to find dedicated self-storage units that suit your business and eliminates the stress of operating from an expensive or inconvenient location.