8 Best Kids Gaming Apps for 7 to 10 Years Old in 2021

The use of smartphones and tablets is equally common among kids, which is very evident from the noticeable popularity of several nursery rhymes and poems we get to hear these days.

 Although the excessive use of smartphones and mobile apps is not recommended for kids at a growing age, with proper guidance from parents, it can be adequately used to help kids learn.

 That’s where gaming apps for kids come into the picture.

Since leading game development companiesfocus on providing game apps that enhances user engagement, our list includes some of the best gaming apps from different categories so that parents can make informed choices and train their kids adequately.

With an easy user interface, simple gameplay, and interactive graphics, these are the 8 best gaming apps for kids available for android and iOS users.

So, let’s get started.

1.    Educational Apps

The first category in our list is the educational apps for kids aged between 7 to 10 years. Targeted to help kids learn and practice concepts in an interactive manner, they come with a fun twist.

Here are some amazing educational game apps for kids:

Endless Numbers

Endless Numbers is one of our favorite educational games from the “endless” series.

It focuses on different fundamentals of mathematics to help children understand basic calculations and other useful patterns.

The game comes in a series of stages and helps with different calculation lessons, including number sequencing, recognition and pattern spotting, addition and subtraction rules, and more.

The game is generally suitable for kids aged up to eight years since it follows a simple learning pace with its interactive, easy-to-understand, and self-paced interface.

The game app is available for both Android and iOS users, with a free trial of five puzzles. The subscription version of the game app includes 95 more puzzles that you have to pay for.

Codespark Academy

With IT, app development, and programming being a part of all the major industries and driving innovation globally, choosing it as a career choice is a prospective idea.

And since the nature of jobs and technicalities in the future are expected to incline towards programming, Codespark Academy is the perfect game that kids should spend time on.

The game app allows children and parents to learn the fundamental concepts of programming in a very interactive and innovative manner.

With insights from programming experts from Princeton, MIT, and Carnegie Mellon, the founders of the app have put together ways to teach programming logic in the form of cartoony puzzles that revolve around the main character Foo.

2.    Action/Adventure Games

Crossy Road

Crossy road is our favorite from the list of adventure games for kids.

An easy-to-learn and interactive interface, the game revolves around helping the chicken cross the road without getting hit by any car or any other obstacle.

If you are familiar with the gaming apps like Frogger, then you already know enough about the game. With super-cute graphics and a cartoonish look, Crossy Road also helps kids learn the basics of crossing roads.

As a free-to-play game app that can entice users to watch ads or buy more currency, it is a pretty addictive game for kids and adults, as well. It is available for both Android and iOS users that comes along with in-app purchases.


It’s highly doubted that you wouldn’t have heard of Minecraft since it needs no introduction.

As a block-based arcade game Minecraft that lets mobile gamers and kids build as many blocks as they want, it is one of the best offline mobile games.

Minecraft comes with two different modes, the Survival, and Creative mode, that offers different functionalities to keep the users entertained.

The creative mode is where you mine the resources that may be needed to craft the life-saving tools, build shelter, and survive against the enemies.

While, in the latter, the game turns into a LEGO game where you build anything as per your imagination.

Available to both android and iOS users, the game also has a multiplayer function, so kids and parents can enjoy it together.

3.    Puzzle Games

Puzzle games are always a fun way to learn following patterns, acquire problem-solving skills, and have a fun time. Here are some best puzzle games for kids to play:

Flow Free

User interface and graphics – checked

Gameplay – checked

Interactivity – checked

With bright, beautiful colors, engaging gameplay, and a simple idea at work, Flore Free is one of the best puzzle games for both kids and adults.

So, what’s the game all about? Connect the colored dots with matching pipe colors without overcrossing any line.

Well, it may sound easy and very engaging, to begin with, but it can surely get on your nerves and keep you thinking as the levels get harder.

Flow Free comes with more than 2500 free levels along with a daily challenge to keep you hooked.

Also, the app is free to download and comes with in-app purchases, such as hints, level packages, and additional packs.

KIDS ROOM – Room Escape Game

Next in line is the mobile version of the escape-the-room puzzles, where you find the correct numbers, locate the key, crack the code, and have a lot more to do when solving puzzles.

What makes this game app suitable for kids is that the levels are user-friendly and highly engaging, appropriate for kids, and help in strengthening brain development and intellectual capabilities.

Escape Room is colorful, highly enticing, and really easy to understand that it keeps you hooked.

The game is available for both Android and iOS users without any download charges.

4.    Role-Playing Games

Role-playing games are a common choice for teenagers and adults. However, the following are a few safe options that parents can let their kids under 10 enjoy.

Monster Hunter Stories

When choosing a role-playing game (RPG) for kids, the prime concern is to choose a game that is safe, does not negatively impact their concepts, and is appropriate for them.

Monster Hunter Stories, in this regard, is the perfect RPG game that may not include any educational or learning aspects but is definitely safe and engaging for kids and their parents.

The game is somewhat a mixture of Pokémon and Final Fantasy, in which a young boy is determined to be a monster tamer and goes through different trials to be the best.

While the game would keep everyone engaged, it can at the very least help kids learn the importance of friendship, respect nature, and be responsible people.

5.    Virtual Pet Games

Next on the list are virtual pet games that can help them learn how to take care of pet animals, be a responsible pet owner, and care for the pet while entertaining them at the same time.

Animal Jam

Animal Jam is partly a typical pet game and partly a teaching tool that helps kids to learn about how to take care of animals, their needs, and their behavior.

The game app lets you adopt a virtual pet, take care of them and customize it, and connect with other friends about it.

The game further includes a trading system, oodles of animal facts, and various mini-games to learn about animals.

The game app comes in with additional security measures for parents to keep a check on who their kids are chatting with. This game app is suitable for kids aged six to eight and is free to download and use.

Wrap Up

This wraps up our list of some amazing and interactive gaming apps for kids that parents can opt for.

As the use of mobile apps and games has become common in kids as well, the need to have safe, appropriate, and practical content that enhances learning experiences is essential.

In this regard, choosing gaming apps that are specifically for kids and can help them in their brain development is always a suitable option.

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