8 Amazing and Best Trending Area Rugs 2021

You might not have a good realization that area rugs can make your rooms in the long run. Unless and until you kick off your old carpet and place a new rug. Ohh, yes, so right. Furthermore, from the quick drop-down, from the right size to the right color, and all in between, you need to know certain things.

It’s quite certain that fine texture will appeal to you the most. Indeed picking a rug that is beautiful and equally stylish is a bit tough. Consequently, it’s a daunting process. Rug buying is undoubtedly a time taking activity- however, once you have got the right one, it will last longer. 

Rug.com.au offers large range of rugs to fit every style and budget. A beautiful, high-end rug may instantly change the appearance and feel of any space in your house.

undoubtedly adding a right rug to a right place is a tiresome task.

There are many unique area rug styles. Area rugs can break and make your living room, bedroom, dining room, and all in between. Unquestionably there are a lot of rug styles. Depending upon the room lighting, room style, furniture, you can choose anyone.

In contrast to rug style, you can also choose rug type. For instance, you can choose traditional, contemporary, or transitional rugs. Rugs exist in various styles and exist in various patterns, such as floral, geometric, and much more. Last but note the least you can try any one othese trend to have an incredible look

  1. Layered rugs 
  2. Moroccan rugs 
  3. Chevron 
  4. Rugs all around 
  5. Modern cowhides 
  6. Kilims 
  7. Vintage 
  8. Geometric 

You don’t need any permit or a specific passport to follow any rug trend. Visit a rug market and buy the right option. You can browse the internet for hot and trendy rug options. Moreover, a rug can do wonders for your place.

1- Layered rugs

Layered rugs

Are you confused about the rug texture and patterns? If you have a good heirloom rug and it is small for the living room. Layered rug have gotten great popularity in the past—it’sIt’s great fun to play with colors and textures. Consider the whole room embellishments before layering the rug. It’s important to understand the whole situation. Again,  you can try different types and styles.

2- Moroccan rugs

Moroccan rugs

Apart from other exports, Moroccans deal hugely with textile export, and it’s no question why it is so. Perhaps this is a small country in the African world. They create stunning and charismatic rugs. A rug like this exist like nowhere else; all rugs from Morocco have unique craftsmanship.

Perhaps most of these rugs have tribal patterns. You can easily find real morocco rugs from any rug store. If these rugs do not fit your budget, you can get some replicas as well. Black and white rugs with authentic appeal fit perfectly in contemporary homes. Unquestioably these rugs are complimentary for all  places.

3- Chevron


Chevrons are the big punch, and it is quite popular. These rugs are subtly woven with delicacy. These rugs usually do not overpower the room. Without any ado, they provide a perfect texture to the whole place. You can use different rug patterns such as floral, striped, and trellis. This will be a good choice if you want to do experiments for different looks.

 4- Rugs all around

Rugs all around

Unfortunately, the kitchen seems to be a weird place for placing a rug. However, thinking in a different pattern will work. Consider adding different colors and visual patterns in the kitchen. Undoubtedly a simple kitchen will look more elegant with some patterns. Therefore you can use rugs anywhere in your home.

If you plan for a kitchen rug, you have to look for stains and spills. In short, kitchen rugs need extra care and protection. Rugs work as cushions and also serve as the anti-fatigue element. Now you don’t have to worry about working long in the kitchen.

 5- A Modern cowhide

A Modern cowhide

Cowhides and other animal prints are getting popular with every passing day. These prints are trending. Animal prints are the focal points for visitors. Stunning and elegant cowhide area rugs from various brands add warmth and comfort to your place.

As compared to synthetics, you can also go for a natural material such as faux or sheepskin. These are indeed an ideal choice for both the bedrooms and bathrooms. Hence cowhide is a good option for homes.

6- Geometric


The Geometric Rug creates a bold and loud statement. Starting from colorful wallpapers to geometric patterns, you can do wonders. Bright colors and textures make a wonderful statement. You can use attractive geometric patterns for bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms. As a matter of fact , geometric patterns are adorable.

7- Kilim


Kilim rugs have been at the forefront of design trends for several years and with clear reason. These flatweave rugs come from Turkey, North Africa and are recognized for their rich background and even better color. They’re loud, charming, and everlasting. A beautiful kilim is a good way to add color to a wood-heavy living area or a guest room.

8- Vintage


If you browse for a rug online, you’re likely to come across loads of “vintage” items that have been faded to perfection to give them a sheer volume. Although we love these rugs in bedrooms and living rooms, this trend is a wonderful option to restore Granny’s worn-out rug from the backyard.


Never settle for the less in terms of rugs. For example, never settle for a rug style that doesn’t attract you a lot. Educate yourself. Appropriate knowledge before rug buying is indeed mandatory. Think broadly. Look at all the available rug options. Consider the atmosphere. Remember, an area rug is not only a decor piece, but it is also a worthwhile investment. Go with the trends and buy the right area rug.